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Agenda Outline

Agenda Item

  1. NIBs for May 2020 ballot cycle are due March 1st

The publication version of QI-Core R4 approved for publication by CQI on February 14 as was the publication request. Location of pre-publication content:

Quick update on publication status

Jira issues for QI-Core

Consider plans for May 2020 HL7 Connectathon to test QI-Core's QUICK Logical View for authoring of eCQMs.

Update on discussions initiated at Sydney WGM continues through CQI Quality Sub-group calls regarding benefits, challenges, and required ongoing efforts and tooling for QI-Core vs QUICK. Minutes of Sub-group calls available at: CQI Workgroup FHIR Quality Project Sub-Group. Seeking broad input to establish a business case to help with decisions moving forward.


DEQM IG (discussion deferred until 2/21)

Block vote for 2/21 CQI call

Let me know if you would like to pull an item out to discuss. You will get another opportunity on the call to remove an item.  These are mostly technical issue and other non substantive issues.

Jira IssueSummary(Reporter)

  1. J#26095: No further action-reviewed the example clinical use cases and could not identify any adverse issues at this time, Considered - No action required (mark_bellezza)
  2. J#26094: Terminology Shift in Summary Measure Reporting, Not Persuasive (eddyhnieves)
  3. J#26085: which instances would the measure definition not be sufficien?, Not Persuasive with Modification (celine_lefebvre)
  4. J#26081: Suggest removing this line. , Not Persuasive (celine_lefebvre)
  5. J#26078: Add Da Vinci guiding principles , Persuasive with Modification (celine_lefebvre)
  6. J#26075: Using common measures acoss payers will reduce development burden for FHIR implementers , Persuasive with Modification (celine_lefebvre)
  7. J#26073: How can one calculate measure population qualification without date, Not Persuasive (GDolin)
  8. J#25739: Define CMS Certification Number identifier for organizations, Persuasive (bryn.rhodes)
  9. J#25691: Align with final published QI-Core, Persuasive (mitrep9g)
  10. J#25617: Update VTE example to use QI-Core 2019 version, Persuasive (mnievera)
  11. J#25610: The majority of this page is a direct copy/paste from the Quality Measurement IG. This fact should be indicated or the QM IG content should be linked to., Not Persuasive (Thomson.Kuhn)
  12. J#25589: MeasureReport profile should include an additional Must Support in narrative list, Persuasive (craig.newman)
  13. J#25588: """Should Have"" list of elements in Coverage profile includes a required element", Persuasive (craig.newman)
  14. J#25547: Is it correct to not mandate the transaction interaction in 5.3.1 and 5.4.1?, Persuasive (javier_espina)
  15. J#25534: Which are the parts outlined in orange? , Considered - Question answered (javier_espina)
  16. J#25521: "Is this statement still true? Several IGs (this IG, the QM IG) are R4 focused", Persuasive (javier_espina)

Remaining JIRA issues:

DEQM for FHIR STU 3 now published:

R4 version in ballot:

Jira issues for DEQM IG

4Gaps in Care 

Project confluence page

Gaps In Care Supporting Materials

Recording of DEQM Overview

Old Gaps in Care: As of 1/13/2020 project has been deactivated and Dave Hamill aware for Project Insight record keeping (Project 1427)

5FHIR Quality Measure IG

FHIR Quality Measure IG now published for FHIR STU 3:

R4 version in ballot:

Follow up on tickets related to measure populations: 25501, 25551, 25550

Ready for vote (in person, previously discussed): 25549, 25487

Technical Correction Tickets have been updated: 

Plan for block vote February 28, 2020.

Jira issues for QM IG



8Quality Measure Reporting White Paper 

FHIR-Based Quality Reporting White Paper 

PSS petition approved by TSC 

Ongoing discussions about content occurring in Sub-group calls (minutes available at: CQI Workgroup FHIR Quality Project Sub-Group). 

Upcoming ballot milestones:

NIB due March 1st

Initial ballot content due March 15th

9CQL Specification Status

Update on the STU comments for CQL Specification (

CQL 1.4 Errata - status update

CQL normative update

11Working Group Meetings

San Antonio (May 16-22):  Draft agenda review WGM Agenda/Minutes San Antonio May 2020 - DRAFTCANCELLED


HL7 Sydney February 2-3 2020-02 Connectathon 23 - Report out

HL7 San Antonio May 16 - 17

12Project Updates

Review of current projects - found on home page here.


  1. CQI FHIR Quality Measure Project Subgroup calls:
    1. Call Information: 
  2. DEQM / DaVinci calls: 
  3. Gaps in Care DaVinci calls: 
  4. Cross Workgroups Project WG (now managing US Core balloting) - Considering new PSS for metadata for Apps: Marketplace Product Packaging and Metadata

13Balloting timeline

Balloting schedule (confirm on HL7 Calendars):

Approvals for May 2020 Ballot Cycle

  • October 4, 2019 - PSS deadline
  • January 5, 2020 - TSC approval for all PSS for May 2020 Ballot Cycle (requires approval by sponsors, co-sponsors, Steering Division, and Management Group, and other groups such as Architectural Review Board if indicated
  • Harmonization initial proposals due February 20. 2020
  • NIBs due March 1, 2020
  • Harmonization final proposals due March 5, 2020
  • Initial ballot content March 15, 2020
  • Harmonization meeting March 19, 2020
  • Reconciliation Deadline and Ballot Preview Period March 22, 2020
  • Final ballot content April 5, 2020
  • Ballot sign up March 9 - April 9, 2020
  • Ballots open for voting April 10 - May 11, 2020