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Additional Topics:

  • PSS Updates


2020-02-13: Josh working to migrate PSS Form from Confluence to Jira due to shortcoming for modifying the form in Confluence. Dave reported the PSS was originally a page (the template), then made into a form (in use almost a year).  Josh learned when adding new content to a drop down, the new content is at the bottom of the drop down, which is not desired. Moving the PSS to Jira will also facilitate the automated approval process.  Target goal to complete the PSS in Jira is before the San Antonio WGM in May.  Ken commented the Co-Chair Handbook hyperlink will need to be modified when this change occurs.

  •  Dave Hamill Create Jira ticket to update Co-Chair Handbook when the PSS Jira template is ready (Dave also added to his personal "todo" checklist)
  •  Dave Hamill Dave will remove Word template version of PSS from
  •  Freida Hall send Ken URL to Tony Julian "pre-project" info (sent post call 2020-02-13)



2020-02-13: Discussed whether to resume, we did not complete the review previously.  Still not sure whether we will need to re-ballot, or possibly move to Confluence in a future update.  Also not sure how useful the PLCPD is now. Ken suggested we push back to the TSC, however it was the SGB that originally prompted this discussion.  Ken advised the TSC has created various task forces that we may not be aware of, he encountered this when working on the Co-Chair Handbook.

  •  Freida Hall to contact the SGB to determine if this is still a task, or if it has been subsumed by other work. 

2020-01-16: Defer pending completion Co-Chair Handbook


  • Review list of artifacts per TSC request (posted to Documents page)


2020-02-14: Ken McCaslin emailed that he had recommended some artifacts on the TSC Guidance webpage should be moved elsewhere.  Freida request copy; waiting for a copy of this list to contact TSC.

2020-02-13: Project Services has been monitoring this Parking lot item Project management artifact list from Project Services.  It was Parking Log agenda item ‘i.’ on the January 6, 2020 minutes:  but it does not appear it was discussed during the call.  Then it disappears from the January 13 minutes:


2020-02-13: Dave's task (in table) not discussed, ask Dave re: task item next call.  Re: trackers listed 2020-01-16: changed due date for 2353 to 2022May, agreed to close 12338, added note to 15118 but leave left open. 

Copied text in italics below from January 2019 WGM; do we want to 'reinstate' task or is it sufficient that we have note in tracker #2714?

From January 2019 WGM:

Work on webinar:  Medium priority - SD Co-Chairs – items to review to approve projects.

Went through the guidance document and made notes for the webinar.

  •  Dave Hamill will use the guidance document with notes and create a new webinar re: SD Co-Chairs – items to review to approve projects.