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Please avoid the use of @all and @everyone on streams with large numbers of users like Implementers and Social. Topics of general interest can be posted to the Social stream or, if appropriate, to the Announcements stream. Using @all or @everyone spams everyone's inboxes and should generally only be used by chat administrators who need to proactively notify all registered users.


  • Contributions to this forum are considered public domain under the terms of the FHIR Code of Conduct and the FHIR Intellectual Property Rules.
  • Any individual or organization is able to read any public streams, and perform analytics etc on them
  • HL7 is required to retain records of contributions to the standards process, and so the FHIR Foundation cannot erase contributions to this public forum (no GDPR erasure). There is no technical facility to remove contributions to private streams
  • The FHIR Foundation will never share any non-public information about with any 3rd party organization
  • The FHIR foundation may perform traffic analysis on all the public streams and share the results with HL7. The analysis outcomes will not be shared with any other organizations, unless they are posted publicly on etc.