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UTG - Codesystems, ValueSets.

Codesystems has a Unified Tab that has ConceptDomains. We have been trying to determine if this holds true for C-CDA.

This doesn't hold up for C-CDA and the task was to find out what was missing for C-CDA.

Alex went through the CDA Normative Standard and found all the vocabulary and used a spreadsheet to map to the UTG, finding any concepts that were not in the UTG.

XSD may say fixed code and the note says default code.

The CDA does not need to support the full RIMM.

We should assume that the vocabulary in the CDAr2 spec is not everything you see in the RIMM. (might make a note somewhere in the UTG.)

HMD/Schema/ and the spec itself should be the starting point.

In the table it will identify whether it is a ValueSet or a concept domain.

The latest HMD for CDAr2.1 is the most helpful. POCD_HD000040UV.xls

Calvin displayed POCD_HD000040UV02.xlsx

C-CDA Rubric
  • General discussion and status update (Matt)
  • Author vs. Assembler (Lisa/Matt)

C-CDA Rubric Guide?

  • 50 million documents exchanged each month
  • quality of and consistency of data needs improvement
  • Rubric criteria define best practices to correct common areas of inconsistency
  • Project has been ongoing since 2016
  • Promote Development of C-CDA Quality Assessment Tools
  • The ONC Scorecard

Major Comment Reconciliations

  • Will transform rubrics into logical processable statements
  • Reformat Guide into:
    • Common Rules
    • Section/Domain Specific Rules
    • Provide good and bad xml example snippets
    • Etc.
  • Link to C-CDA Examples Task Force full examples

Current Status

  • All Comments have been reconciled 
  • Awaiting vote to approve "Reconiliation (Spreadsheet) Package" (today??)"

Testable Statement Examples

  • Was
    • The Display Names used by the structured data should conceptually align with the meaning of the code.
  • Now
    • If an @displayName is present with 

  • Was
    • Instance Identifiers should be unique for distinct acts. Encounters could have same ids when referencing the same encounter.
  • Now
    • If Instance Identifiers (IDs) are duplicate in a document instance, then the attributes of that class, when present, SHALL have the same values OR must be the id in an Entry Reference template
    • [act: identifier urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.]
      • OR
    • must be the encompassingEncounter/ID AND ONE encounterEntry/id that refer to one another

New Format for IG (Draft Format for Discussion)

  • Please see the draft format within the word document
    • Review Table of Contents
    • Please see:
  • Common Rubrics
    • Required
      • DisplayName
    • For example format and some general questions for discussion

Rubric Comments for Approval

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nameRubricInformativeGuideUpdate (003).pptx

12:45pmVocabulary Binding in the RIMM

RIMM 2.07 - Author/Authoring Device compared to participant typeCode

ParticipationType is a vocabulary (CNE) 

  • AUT - author - has responsibility for the information given in the Act and ownership of this Act.


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