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v2.9 errata

What can we do with errata? What's the next version? V2+ or V2.9.1 or V2.10?


Use the Michael Faughn tool to update V2.9 with technical corrections and publish as V2+ (0.1)

What is the tool written in? How easy is it to maintain? The tool is written in Ruby.


When doing FhIR mapping (V2 to FHIR), there are differences between V2 datatypes and FHIR datatypes? What are guidelines in moving between the various 

product families with regard to using datatypes? Addresses for example. Could we build a crosswalk spreadsheet with examples so that mapping between product

families is easier. The Cross Product work group will establish a Confluence page to gather information about this effort.  In each product family, address has an implicit or

explicit information model.

V2+ status
V2 conformance method ballot passedBallot needs to be reconciled then  inform HQ when available for submission for ANSI normative status.
IG Publisher

V2+ needs some enhancements to FhIR IG publisher in order for it to be useful for V2+ publishing. 

There needs to be additions and enhancements so what are the guidelines about where IG publisher is moving and being 

developed. V2+ plus needs if using FHIR Structure Definitions are not conformant. Can V2MG introduce a segment resource definition?

Do we need the V2 datatypes in FHIR? CDA datatypes? That is, we need V2 resources to support V2 technical needs and metadata that 

supports V2+ publishing needs.

There is not a one to one mapping between FHIR resources and V2 messages for maybe 30% of existing V2 messages so these would require


This exercise is to create "fhir" like resources that correspond to V2  message structures, segment structures, and V2 datatype definitions that 

map one for one.

At the moment, a structure definition using resource instances would allow automating import of resource definitions, creating new resources 

such as the proposed V2 resources and generation of APIs, Java classes and other tooling.