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ManagementWelcome newcomersNo newcomers this time
ManagementAgenda ApprovalApproved agenda but replaced PSS discussion with upcoming WGM Room request planning
ManagementPrior call Minutes approvalApproved by general consent
MethodologyNews - devdays plans, workgroup, etc

Dave noted that additional stories have been added to the Dave DeBronkart and Morgan Gleason letter to the OMB.  It was noted that some of these stories may be useful examples for some of our standards work.


Continue Review and update draft Mission and Charter

It was noted that the document will be reviewed on a semi-regular frequency and can be tweaked - does not need to be perfect.  We then reviewed the work of the team focused on the charter since we completed mission last week.  We made comments and edits on items 1 through 3 and Abigail introduced 4.  The group was supportive of what we came up with - Jan planned to wordsmith the intro.  The document is open for comment  - your review is encouraged.  

Google Drive Live Link

MethodologyMay WGM Meeting PlanningWe explained that the requests for meeting rooms for the HL7 in person May Working Group Meeting May 16-22.  One proposal was to meet early and then late in the week with members going to other meetings in between - closing meeting could help with some follow up from members' observations from other meetings.  Some did not want the days too spread out.  We agreed to Monday morning Q1 and Q2, Tuesday Q5 Birds of a Feather (to continue to introduce our group), and Wednesday afternoon Q3 and Q3.  Several members noted they currently plan to attend.
ManagementNext Week's AgendaFeedback from Sydney.  Finish the charter part of the mission and charter and approve the document.  Begin SWOT process.  Here are some SWOT examples: SWOT for Patient Administration Work GroupFM WG - SWOT Analysis
 Adjournment2:00PMAdjourned at 1:56!