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HL7 Project Services Work Group (PS)



Location: conference call

Time:  09:00-10:00 am Eastern Time

Join WebEx meeting: join the meeting

Meeting number: 631 009 436

Meeting password: HL7Standards 

Dial in:  770.657.9270  PC  2811011

Quorum Requirements Met:   Yes

For PS: Co-Chair plus two without preponderance of influence


Freida Hall

Note taker(s)

Freida Hall





Rick Haddorff  (Co-Chair)

Mayo Clinic/Foundation


Freida Hall (Co-Chair)

Quest Diagnostics, Incorporated


Dave Hamill

HL7 International

          Bryant Johnson Walden University

Wayne Kubick

HL7 International

         X Ken McCaslinRene Harvey Consulting

Joshua Procius

HL7 International

Tony Julian (ARB)

Mayo Clinic

Anne Wizauer

HL7 International

Lynn Laakso

HL7 International



2020-02-13: Dave's task (in table) not discussed, ask Dave re: task item next call.  Re: trackers listed 2020-01-16: changed due date for 2353 to 2022May, agreed to close 12338, added note to 15118 but leave open. 

Copied text in italics below from January 2019 WGM; do we want to 'reinstate' task or is it sufficient that we have note in tracker #2714?

From January 2019 WGM:

Work on webinar:  Medium priority - SD Co-Chairs – items to review to approve projects.

Went through the guidance document and made notes for the webinar.

  •  Dave Hamill will use the guidance document with notes and create a new webinar re: SD Co-Chairs – items to review to approve projects.

2020-01-16: Reviewed and prioritized items to work on/discuss with Dave next call: