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OO on FHIR Call


  • Eric Haas
  • JD NolanCraig Newman
  • Robert Hausam
  • Kathy WalshAndrea Pitkus
  • other?




  • No representation from CIMI on call
  • Reviewed emails on list serves

Next Steps


Add doco to profiles to indicate that "Further profiling of the these profiles and implimentation Guides should be used to augment them so the full context of the observation can be understood and to provide guidance that is consistent, accurate, and leads to highly interoperable applications such as decision support" 

  1.   see FHIR-25467

Submit a LOINC request to update the 85353-1 panel was created specifically for the FHIR Vital Signs profile to including both 2708-6 and 59408-5, as it seems that would be the most aligned and supportive of the VS profiles in both the base FHIR and US Core specs. 


on ServiceRequest.supportingInfo

  • Need for change type to CodeableReference?
    • commonly get free text
      • free text should be something that is rather discrete and codeable (i.e. not a two page narrative)
    • maps to OBR-13 which is code
    • need more vendor input on whether this is commonly encountered.
    • Other option is to use ServiceRequest.note
      • what is the scope of .note ?
        • administrative as suggested by the documented example or
        • both administrative and clinical
  • Next Steps: trackers