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Management Minutes ApprovalMinutes of December 19 and January 9 meeting approved
MethodologyRoad to US Core

Road to US Core - Reviewed comments from Craig Newman. The group had significant discussion about what represents a published version of US Core, specifically when is a ballot required and when is an update (I.e., supplemental content) sufficient, or merely re-publishing with other balloted content? C-CDA allows supplements to which implementers can claim conformance without all requiring conformance to these supplements.  There is also a question about which group has ultimate approval for what is included - likely USRealm. We probably should separate what is in US Core with requirements for conformance with US Core.  For C-CDA, supplements go through testing and ultimately go normative at which point they are part of C-CDA.  Perhaps US Core can follow that example.

If a balloted project provides an IG that may be appropriate to US Core (e.g., Military History), it may not need a ballot for inclusion in US Core but there needs to be a process to make that happen.  However, if a balloted profile/set of profiles may be appropriate for US Core but with some additional constraints, a different process may be required.  The distinction is that of a fully "baked" set of content for inclusion "as is" Vs content that needs some constraint or modification to include.

BusinessUpdate on Military History ProjectApproval from USRealm Tuesday, January 21 and FMG on Wednesday, January 22.  Steering Division and TSC approval is still pending.  CGP will meet Tuesday Q2 in Sydney and this item will be on the agenda. (Note - US Realm will be meeting Tuesday, Q3).
BusinessUS Base ProjectSuggested as a less-restricted set of profiles than US Core. Further details pending when Brett and Eric can join the discussion.
Management Next agendaNext meeting in Sydney February 4 Tuesday Q2. Then will have a conference call on February 20, 2020 at 1 PM ET (Thursday), then every 2 weeks thereafter.
 Adjourned at 1:54 PM ET.