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Review Sydney WGM Agenda

20192020-02 Sydney WGM

No changes, reviewed

SMART Web Messaging Specification Project

FHIR-I is sponsor, seeking co-sponsorship

Committee reviewed, discussed and approved:

Motion: Carl Anderson/Bas van den Heuvel: 19-0-0

Discussion points:

  1. Is it a standard or an IG. This is closer to an implementation guide, but will be balloted STU to Normative track
  2. Whether it's intended to be usable outside of FHIR: No, it's intended to work in the context of FHIR/SMART-on-FHIR/CDS Hooks
  3. Whether work was done outside HL7: No, it's an Argonaut (HL7 Accelerator) that has been at several HL7 connectathons already
  4. Committee agreed to co-sponsor, asked for updates at WGMs, prior to ballot, and would appreciate notification via list-serve when items will be discussed in FHIR-I
  5. Ballot timeline: Adjusted PSS to indicate ballot in September Cycle as STU, with planned publication by December 31, 2020

FHIR Trackers

FHIR-25456 - Persuasive, Resolved - change required

FHIR-25457 - Persuasive, Resolved - change required

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 Adjourned at 1:00 ET