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  1. Agenda Review
    1. CDex Block Vote - Robert Dieterle
      1. 98 Items straight forward - accepted changes. Sent out for block vote previously
      2. Link in JIRA (emma will add) excel and Word doc)
      3. Request to withdraw comments - except for one comment from Thom Kuhn which revised disposition is in agreement in. 
      4. Motion to accept the CDex Block vote (moved Bob Dieterle); Jay Lyle Second. Amendment to the motion to vote to approve the all except the non-persuasive and non-persuasive with modification items
      5. Abstain: 3 Against: 0 ; For 4
      6. Next steps - Bob will return next co-chair call (in 2 weeks) for voting vote on the next block vote. Bob will follow-up with PCWG at the end of the week with the list of block vote items .  that will need reviewing prior to the next vote.   
    2. 2020 February WGM Agenda review
      1. Australia Child Health - Request to Patient Care for a time slot at WGM 
      2. Gravity project
      1. added - ACTION: Stephen will follow-up with Lisa
      2. Cross-WG template review - added
      3. FHIR Connecthathon - Sunday and Monday
      4. BPMN workshop - Thursday
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes 
    1. Motion:  <moved>/<seconded>


Adjourned at <hh:mm am/pm> <timezone>5:47pm> <EST>.

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