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Chair:  Virginia Lorenzi

Scribe: Virginia Lorenzi  

NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 





Virginia Lorenzix
Debi Willisx
LLoyd McKenziex
Rachel Richessonx

Mikael Rinnetmäki

Nancy Lush
Lisa Nelsonx
Dave deBronkartx
Jan Oldenburgx
Marie Moenx
Abigail Watsonx
John Moerke
Lisa Winstel

Juana Romero
Bart Carlson

Jose Costa Texeira
John Keyesx
Liz Murans


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ManagementWelcome newcomers

ManagementAgenda ApprovalApproved
ManagementPrior call Minutes approvalApproved by general consensus
MethodologyBOF Updates

Abigail will not be attending.  Reminder that we have an outline for the BOF in last meeting's minutes.  We discussed using Lisa's stories from Janie Appleseed.  Lisa recommended we focus on mission and charter and use that to help drive the BOF.   


Continue Review and update draft Mission and Charter

Started work where we left off last time.  Dave was not able to get to it. Notes from both discussions are here.  1/9 discussion1/16 discussionPatient Empowerment Home

Other discussion

Debi noted that the US released a strategic plan:

ManagementPSS Review processThere is a PSS which is on lab result data models which is being voted on by the admin steering division.  Virginia thinks that it would be helpful for patients because it has the potential to help results types match across the systems a patient pulls data from.  We deferred review of PSS process to focus on Mission and Charter.
 Adjournment2:00PMAdjourned at 2PM