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  •  Karen Van will extract GOM language around use of proxy statements for designated org voting reps and create a template.
  •  Wayne Kubick will invite PIC to working sessions around HL7 process and governance artifacts (e.g. standards governance)  (JIRA/CON; Co-Chair Handbook; Accelerators guidance pages; etc)
  •  Kenneth Rubin Create co-chair handbook survey to find out who uses it, what they think, etc.  Establish baseline around current Co-Chair Handbook.
  •  Will work with targeted HL7 report-out audiences to leverage the Standards Briefing Template.  Ken will re-surface to Wayne. 
    •  Plan is to pilot this in Sydney
  •  Wayne Kubick will engage Ken McCaslin to establish biweekly worksessions on CoChair Handbook
  •  Sandra Stuart will create the Sydney agenda – principal focus on how to more effectively engage; role in bigger tooling/process redesign; co-chair handbook.  Note that much emerging HL7 work is not on a normative track.  Role of PIC in establishing processes in this dimension will be part of the discussion.