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ManagementMinutes approvalJulie

Minutes of the HTA TC of 21-Jan-20 are Proposed SM, RB - carried unanimously.

TopicURLs for External Code SystemsAll - Julie to lead

We will make a request for an HTA JIRA project.  We will work with Josh to get a form in JIRA for the submitter needing something about an external terminology to fill in that will give us the information to be able to send "our letter".  This is our most immediate task. 

Reuben will glean the initial data that we need from the initial letter and will reach out to Josh to for our first HTA meeting after WGM (19Feb). 

To discuss: 

From Andrea: Is reality such that rather than asking a code system provider to produce a URL first, we could change our suggested process such that we offer "here is the URL" approach more like in the follow up letter.  We do want to avoid upsetting code system providers by pushing too far.

We need to discuss this further at the F2F - balance of "getting the job done" against "de-skilling the community (even more)". 

Decision: We will try the original process first because we really want to work with organisations and do some "PR" for HL7 and its standards.

TopicSOUs with External OrganisationsJulie - with Karen and Wayne

Currently there are no "rules" for whether an SOU is needed between HL7 as an organisation with another organisation.  
The URI/URL is trying to establish a mechanism for contact with external code systems providers to correctly identify their content in HL7 specifications.

Are we already working together with the terminology provider?  If so, no issue. 

If not, can we work together?  Are there IP issues? If no, go ahead and develop the URI through the process as per HTA process.   Need to get the organisation's permission/verification to publish the URI.

If there are IP issues, notify HQ (KvH) and say what we need and get the communication started.

Where are we keeping track of all these requests.  JIRA WJIRA will be the system to manage all of this.  HTA will "own" the ticket in JIRA.  Request an HTA Project in JIRA from Josh (see above).

Agreement There was agreement that HTA will run its process for requesting URIs transparently using JIRA and HQ will watch this and step in when/if it sees that an SOU at organisational level would be beneficial.  This will be an international process - there are likely to be opportunities for liaison with organisations in Europe and with the WHO as European cross border projects are developing.



Suzy Roy

HTA would strongly request SNOMED to look at identification of  and version management for the GPS.

We would also like SNOMED to consider a process for inclusion of new content from other international projects.

Regarding the ORPHANET Rare Disease content, Sylvie inquired about the inclusion of the rare disease content in GPS. As the INSERM content is publically available, it may be able to be included in GPS. HTA (Sylvia Thun )will follow up with SNOMED International.

Susan Roy is now HTA/HL7's official liason from SNOMED CT.  We thank Jane Millar for all her work with the HTA since its inception

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TopicContent Request Submission Dates

From Jane: "any requests for content changes in SNOMED CT on behalf of HL7 International need to be with us by May 1st, using the topic ‘HL7’ in CRS.  For your information, the date for HL7 IPS freeset requests – additions to the set and new content – need to be with us by 15 March and I have notified Wayne and Rob accordingly. And the topic on CRS for IPS is ‘HL7 IPS’ so that we can manage the free set appropriately."

Julie shared these dates to the Cochairs at the Cochair dinner

TopicSNOMED CT GPS Subset Licence Issue


Caroline Macumber  and Suzy Roy to work together and obtain license statements for IPS (specific to GPS) and one other for general SNOMED copyright.

TopicLOINC UpdateSara Armson

LOINC has provided an update using the slides below.

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name202002_LOINC updates_HL7Sydney.pptx

The partition of the LOINC files into separate pages, with API access, raised the question about their structure (are they FHIR fragments, how are they versioned?). HTA will look further into the representation from a FHIR TS piece.

TopicUTG UpdateCarol

UTG is looking to TSC to "go live" in March;  this is critical because the old harmonisation tooling now no longer works at all.  The current dev cycle is looking at fixing some UI issues.  There is an urgent need for testers for UAT.  The first release is constrained to be a replacement for the harmonisation process for HL7 internal terminology.

Unified Terminology Governance Project (UTG) Page

Eventually, HTA information on external code systems should migrate from our Confluence pages to UTG.

HTA members are encouraged to be testers: Susan and Julie and Reuben will have their names put forward to Jessica to be testers. Done

It is important that the wider HL7  HL7 Community really starts to understand UTG and their interactions with it and that WG start looking at their content in it.

How does the UTG process identify things from UTG process that should come to HTA.?   There should be a box that asks "does this involve content from an external code system?" and if "yes" then it comes to HTA through our JIRA project.

For Feb 19 TC - look at UTG Naming System page - is there anything obviously incorrect?

TopicHTA meeting with TSC and TSC Co-Chair DinnerJulie and Carol

Carol and Julie will attend TSC Q5 tonight to share about our meeting and to hear any issues/concerns/comments in our domain from TSC.

Julie will work on the slides for the HTA presentation to the Co-Chair dinner and circulate.  We will mention with work from LOINC and SNOMED about Coronavirus plus an update on what we're doing with the external code system development process.

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name2020 February WGM_HTA_CoChair.pptx

TopicVocab Facilitator EngagementAll - Julie/Carol to lead

What happens now in Terminology generally?

What can/should HTA do?

Not discussed - no time

TopicFHIR Tracker ItemsAll - ?Reuben to leadNot discussed - no time
TopicHTA Terms of ReferenceAll - Julie to leadNot discussed - no time
ManagementHTA TC ScheduleJulieStarting 19th February 20.00 UTC every other week (smile)