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    NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 





    Virginia Lorenzix
    Debi Willisx
    LLoyd McKenzie
    Rachel Richesson

    Mikael Rinnetmäki

    Nancy Lushx
    Lisa Nelsonx
    Dave deBronkartx
    Jan Oldenburgx
    Marie Moenx
    Abigail Watsonx
    John Moerke
    Lisa Winstel

    Juana Romero
    Bart Carlson

    Jose Costa Texeira
    John Keyesx
    Liz Murans

    Meeting Info:

    HL7 Patient Empowerment 

    Dial-in number (US): (425) 436-6200
    Access code: 635327#
    International dial-in numbers:
    Online meeting ID: patientempowerment
    Join the online meeting:

    Agenda Topics

    Agenda Outline

    Agenda Item

    Meeting Minutes from Discussion

    Decision Link(if not child)

    ManagementWelcome newcomersLiz Murans from Careuvation joined and introduced herself.  Welcome Liz.
    ManagementAgenda ApprovalApproved with addition of "discussion of project scope statement evote for the admin steering division"
    ManagementPrior call Minutes approvalApproved by general consent.
    MethodologyJanuary BOF planning

    Virginia explained BOF means Birds of Feather - its a more informal meeting in the evening of one of HL7's working group meetings.  We are confirmed for a Thursday evening BOF at the next HL7 Working Group Meeting (WGM) which takes place in February in Australia.  We agreed to the following agenda:

    1) Introductions and signin,

    2) Lloyd does overview of the new patient empowerment workgroup (history, mission and charter, history, HL7 leadership and structure, and formal relationships) (Dave will help if he is there),

    3) Lisa - round robin where people can talk about what they are doing or have interest in

    4) open invitation - how to find us and participate (chair emails, confluence space, zulip, list server) (Virginia to create slide)


    Review and update draft Mission and Charter

    Lisa and Debi worked on updates between the meetings and Mikael also posted some input.  We had an active discussion with many details captured here: Dave will take the current document and the suggestions and produce the next draft for our next meeting.  Anyone with ideas should email or message him.  He plans to put back in a google document to allow for better collaboration.Patient Empowerment Home
    ManagementLab PSS review in preparation for Admin evoteVirginia explained that based on her fast review she did not think the specific PSS would be something our group would object to and that we would also not at this time want to co-sponsor considering the newness of our group.  Since the evote is time critical, she suggested that she and Debi review and vote positively unless they uncover some concern.  The group was OK with that but Lisa asked that we include a review of the PSS voting process in the future.  Virginia also reminded us of Lloyd's position that providing input to PSSes is an important way Patient Empowerment Workgroup can impact HL7.  We will review next call.
    ManagementNext meeting (future topics - break out groups and SWOT)Focus on Mission and charter, review of PSS's, why we care, how we review, any BOF updates.
     Adjournment2:00PMAdjourned at 2PM