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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Sydney Agenda

2020-02 Sydney WGM

For Wed Q1 – just join InM in their room, since we both requested one Nick Radov to let InM know; Frank Oemig or Craig Newman to let HQ know

Ballot comments due 1/27
  • Conformance criteria
  • Quality metrics
  • EHDI and CCHD v2 IG
v2.6 VRDR IG publication request

Publication Request: Vital Records Death Reporting V2.6 R1 STU2

members only:

  • R1 STU2, developed through NIST IGAMT tooling

  • Needs updated Title pages (expected)
  • Missing TOC for figures and tables (requires captioning post IGMAT tooling export and then create)

  • base OBX segment has CPs, but the IG has several flavors of that to be able to assign different valuesets

    • In prior version only the delta was shown, which made it harder to understand that the entire underlying segment definition still applied; this was per the PH WG request

    • Could the delta be made more visible? (In the newer IGAMT the changes will be highlighted or exports just the delta); partly it is because we use a static pdf for balloting and publishing, maybe switch to use a ballot package, that includes the delta only pdf, the entire pdf, and the schema – or use the online version of the tooling - no need to change the IG

    • Discussed that linking to PHNVADS for valuesets is fine
    • several of the criteria are only "check-able" with detailed review (so good for ballot check-list, but not for the rough pre-publication check
Making VOIP work on phone

Amit is on the phone and on the dropdown for the phone if he uses the phone keypad and then press *6 to mute and unmute

Adjourned9:57 AM ET