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Craig Newman

XFrank Oemigv2MG

Tony Julianv2MG
XRiki Merrickv2MG

Elizabeth Newtonv2MG

Amit Popat

XNick Radovv2MG

Rob Snelickv2MG
XLynn LaaksoHL7

This is a Friday morning call


Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

V2.9 Update
  • Frank sent all the files to Lynn
  • Frank working on importing all the files into the dB
    • Merge of headings was an issue
    • Still working on Appendices
      • Appendix A, D and E need to be generated still
    • Working on BNF grammar issues that we didn’t fix in v2.8.x (terminal and non-terminal symbols)
    • XML schema generation
  • Lynn has word files and is converting to pdf
    • Ted is waiting for changes in the dB for updates to Chapter 2C
    • Ted should be able to give Lynn the changes that are needed
    • Frank has adjusted that tables start with heading 6 and all the front matter formatting – he sent Chapter 2C to Ted on 12/20, which was the same in the set sent to the V2 Management Group
    • Updated table 0396 to upload into SQL server at HL7 – no change there, can take the latest version of the dB for that
v2.9 Chapter 5 issue
  • Chapter 5 issue found will be handled by INM, should not hold up V2.9 publication
WGM agenda planing
  • Review the outstanding topics list
  • Review new v2 content proposals
    • The Specimen Event Tracking content: <ADD LINK>
      • Plan is to add to Lab Automation Chapter
      • Should that be a separate document for V2+?
    • Send note out to co-chair list asking for any new content for V2 and start a zulip chat
  • Planning for V2+ balloting
  • Best practices for use of datatypes etc. across the different product families
    • Guidelines on how to encode sub-elements etc
  • FHIR zulip chat has a lot of discussions on non FHIR topics, but not on the HL7 zulip chat, so we are missing discussions on V2 and CDA and UTG topics – hard to keep up on that but HL7 thrad does not have as many participants, so often forced to corss-post, if you want participation
Adjourned??? RIki dropped off at 9:30 AM ET

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