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Project Overview


  • Most cancer patients who enroll in clinical trials learn of these opportunities from their providers or from study staff, but most hospitals do not run trials.
  • Existing patient-facing tools for clinical trial matching typically require a challenging amount of manual clinical data entry and / or manual review of trials.
  • Providers do not have tools built in their workflow to allow for efficient clinical trial matching. As a result, providers often have to use the same patient-facing tools and manually enter data and / or manually review trials. 


  • A cancer patient identifies clinical trials for which she may be eligible. She uses tools that she can access directly, and she does not have to do manual transcription of clinical data. Rather, the patient facing matching tools leverage structured patient data from the electronic health record (EHR) to assess clinical trial eligibility. 
  • A provider identifies clinical trials for which her patient may be eligible. She uses tools that she can access directly in her workflow and does not have to do manual transcription of clinical data. Rather, there is a tool built into the EHR system that allows the provider to send structured patient data straight from the EHR to a matching service to assess potential matches. 

Target Outcome:

  • Develop open data standards and open APIs that enable interoperable, scalable, and accessible clinical trial matching services
    • Drive awareness of and commitment to use these standards in the industry
    • Thereby improve clinical trial matching for patients and their care teams


  • Patients and providers will be able to find lifesaving clinical trials much easier and faster.
  • Matching services will be able to receive more accurate, complete, structured, and computable patient data using mCODE and will be able to narrow down a more accurate list of potential clinical trials. 
  • Patient portals will be able to easily send data to matching services and will be able to present clinical trial matches back to their clients. 
  • EHR vendors will be able to enable a service that will help their clients treat patients.
  • Pharmaceutical companies will be able to find more patients for their clinical trials to discover new drugs. 

Project Plan




DiscoveryUse case identification COMPLETE

Plan out high level project plan, deliverables, success measures, high level timeline, key stakeholders, etc

Phase 0 Demonstrate the ability of a trial matching service to receive an mCODE record, analyze the record to make matches, and then present the matches back to the patient or providerJuly 2020
Phase 1

Send past patient records to multiple mCODE-enabled trial matching services to demonstrate multiple matching services can become mCODE-enabled and evaluate the effectiveness of the minimal eligibility criteria. 

Late 2020
Phase 2

Send current patient records to multiple mCODE-enabled trial matching services to demonstrate the value of mCODE-enabled clinical trial matching services and the improved ease of finding clinical trials for patients when a matching service is mCODE enabled.

Early 2021

Conference Call Information

The Integrated Trial Matching for Cancer Patients and Providers project team meets weekly on Friday at 12:30pm ET. The weekly call minutes are available on the Trial Matching Meetings page. 

A call open to the public will be occurring on September 16th, 2020 at 1:00pm ET. To register and attend the call, please use the following link:  

Use Case Team

ChampionMark FleuryAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action
ChampionKelly DurdenAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action
Use Case LeadSalim SemyThe MITRE Corporation 

Use Case LeadCaroline PotteigerThe MITRE Corporation 

Technical LeadZach ListerThe MITRE Corporation
Patient Portal Tarun KumarCancer Insights
Patient Portal Shilpa MahatmaCancer Insights
Matching Service Mike
Matching ServiceElly
Matching ServiceSuresh

Current Partners 

  • American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) (co-champion)
  • The MITRE Corporation (co-champion)
  • TrialScope (matching service)
  • Cancer Insights (patient portal)
  • (matching service)