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Generation of the updated IG
Disposing of the last few (CDS) comments
  • CDS Hooks Gaps
  •  Nathan will reach out to Isaac, Ken and Bryn later today
    • For Ken and Isaac, we'll let them know that we plan to find their comments not persuasive and point them to the CDS Hooks Gap.
      • We've added these two comments for the PH WG call on 1/30
    • For Bryn, Nathan will let Byrn know the proposed disposition of "considered for future use" and if he has concerns and wants to talk about it before the 30th, he can let us know and we'll arrange some time to talk
      • This comment will be discussed with the WG on 1/30 as well
Operation outcome
  • Operation outcome won't be an official part of the IG now (it's out of scope for the first release), but it is a good reference for implementers
Community Outreach
  • AIRA national meeting presentation
    • Abstracts are due March 1
    • Craig will write up a draft abstract and circulate to this group
  • Connectathon
    • HL7 has meetings in San Antonio in May and Baltimore in September
    • NIST will likely implement this spring and should be able to make Baltimore
    • The AIRA national meeting a possibility if there is interest
      • Nathan will follow up
Value sets
  • List of Value Sets which still need work:
    • .targetDisease needs to point to the updated list of vaccine preventable diseases - no discussion required
    • ImmunizationEvaluation.doseStatusReason
      • Eric will look at the CDSi guidance and functional guidelines to try to come up with an enhanced list of status reasons
        • From Eric:
        • Updated proposed set of doseStatusReason codes 
          • Vaccine Dose Administered was administered after the Lot Number Expiration Date.
          • Vaccine Dose Administered was administered at too young of an age.
          • Vaccine Dose Administered was administered at too old of an age.
          • Vaccine Dose Administered was an inappropriate vaccine (e.g. vaccine not licensed for the patient age).
          • Vaccine Dose Administered was administered too soon following a previous dose.
          • Vaccine Dose Administered was administered too close to another vaccine or other product (e.g. Immune Globulin conflict or live virus conflict).
          • Vaccine Dose Administered amount was less than the recommended amount.
          • Vaccine Dose Administered was recalled by the manufacturer.
          • Vaccine Dose Administered experienced adverse storage conditions (e.g. cold chain break).
          • Vaccine Dose Administered was not evaluated.
        • People should review this list and we'll discuss if it's complete next time.
      • ImmunizationRecommendation.recommendation.forecastReason
        • Daryl has a more comprehensive (but likely still not complete) list of reasons
        • We will review and likely update the value set (which is currently extensible)
        • We will have to figure out which codes
          • Could be SNOMED or a custom code system
  • Can we include Immunity in this scope phase?
    • What would the input be for the operation?
    • How substantial would this change be?
  • Deferred until next week

Action items