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HL7 PSS from SecurityFrank

We have a PSS from Security up for vote. Need a mover and seconder then please vote.

Cross Paradigm CUI 32 CFR Part 2002, 42 CFR Part 2, and Title 38 Section 7332 Security Labeling IG PSS

Very strong discussion in this area. This is an important project for Germany. There is a discussion if this is universal or US realm. Either would work. The guide should be labeled as US Realm if this really is the case. 

Need to have a hierarchy that crosses the national boundaries so there is coordination on the general concept. Then specific guides for each country with local/specific information in the target language and legislation. But there is not enough manpower in the groups from the different countries to do this. Translations for fixed text to describe something (display name) and vocabulary are pieces that change by country. Maybe these would be two different specializations. 

Conformance wants to flag this security project as US Realm in the title so there is no confusion as to the scope. There is a great need for work to be done across-countries but this PSS will not address the issue at the international level. 

Motion: Frank moves to recommend that the phrase "US Realm" be put in the title of the PSS. Frank/Rob: 4-0-0

Motion: Frank moves to vote Affirmative on PSS: Frank/Rob: 4-0-0

PSS for Conformance in FHIRIoana

Status update on PSS for FHIR

Need to decide what we should do with this. Rob sent an email to Ioana to ask for who might also be interested in this project and will be moving this forward. There was interest in VA in moving this forward but there has been a transition of tasks this month. In January we should know more from VA. VA is currently doing funding on a quarter-by-quarter basis. So things are in flux. 

Meet with FHIR-I in February. Ioana will be going to the meeting in February. Need to pick this up as the main topic in January meetings so we can be prepared for the discussion with FHIR-I. 

Notes from last time:

Conformance, Guidance and Best Practices for FHIR Implementation Guides PSS

Ioana will re-circulate the PSS to ARB, US-Realm, Vocab and FHIR-I. See if they have any comments. We can start working on extensions now even before the white paper is completed. Will look to including Netherlands. Also keep Robert Scanlow from MITRE in the loop. 

Ioana and Frank should update: FHIR US Conformance: Specification Outline

Meeting Schedule for Feb/JanNathanWill cancel the meetings for the next two weeks.