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  • Richard Ettema (Aegis)
  • Jeff Brown (Cigna)
  • Patrick Haren (Cigna)
  • Artem Sopin (Edifecs)
  • John Kelly (Edifec)
  • Patrick Grennan (One Medical)
  • IBD ( not present )

Testing results:

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RI Client and Flask App:

  • Successful connections to all servers by all clients
  • Edifecs server returning 400 errors due to extra server requirements - tracking down solutions.
  • IBC not present

AI results

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  • error if send same message >1  - code? 400 or 409 + oo
    •  Add Ballot tracker to refer to the salient sections on messaging and require Bundle and MessageHeader ids.  and best practice is to have ids on all resources.