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  1. Roll call and Agenda check (Ted)
    Call commenced at 3:35 PM with quorum reached and good attendance. 

  2. Announcements (all)
    •  Harmonization meeting was held this past Tuesday December 3.   Approved proposals are in the process of being implemented.  QA release is scheduled for early next week.

  3. Action Items Check  (Ted)
    No updates for completed items.  Examination of open tasks on main Confluence Page:.  Decided not to review the open action items on this call. 

  4. Sydney WGM Agenda Planning (Ted)
    Can be found here.   We moved a few items around and added topics to some of the slots.  
    1. We need to verify the CIMI quarter; if it will not happen then we need to use this quarter for FHIR Tracker items.   If we do have a full CIMI quarter, then we need to figure out where else we can find time for FHIR Tracker Items.
    2. Carol will determine if the Thursday Q3 EST hosting leaves us a room; we have assigned this quarter for additional work on FHRI tracker items; if we do have a room, then that is also a candidate pace for additional time for FHIR tracker items.

  5. UTG Update
    All information is posted on the UTG confluence pages.
    Focus on completing remaining development efforts to get a full functional system by Christmastime. 
    1. Code System polyhierarchy discussion
      Several WGMs ago, a decision was taken to change the representation of code systems having codes with more than one parent.   This was discussed at length, since the current FHIR design of the resource is to have the hierarchy represented in the tag structure itself.  In current FHIR, if a code has two parents, it is represented as if it had only one parent under one of them, and each of the others has a property "child" which lists the other children of that code that are not in the code's xml hierarchy.  Which parent has the actual code instance with all of its own properties is essentially random, and determined by the software that creates the resource.  Thus each parent has its children under it and also lists with a property their other children.   The UTG design that was originally decided was to represent it the inverse way; to have the codes in a system where the codes may have more than one parent to have a property 'subsumedBy' pointing to their parent.
      As FHIR has not implemented this, and assertions have been made that there is no advantage to doing it either way, we need to reaffirm a decision today in the WG whether we ask Grahame to change they way FHIR is doing it, along with the changes to the IGPublisher which generates the rendered tree structure, or to modify the UTG import to change to the way FHIR has been doing it.

      Change UTG to match FHIR
      Pros:  the exceptional case of codes in muliple trees are the only places where the special property is used, and everything is done consistently; nonimpact on current FHIR material
    2. In-depth TSC demo will be during the January 20 TSC conference call.
    3. Need final decision on the implementation of the polyhierarchy design for the resources so that we can implement any needed change
    4. Have a number of IGPublisher issues, including the internally generated html <href> links from the value set expansions are not pointing to the UTG content, but rather back to the FHIR R4 content.
    5. Still unknown the status of the 64 bit update for the tools
    6. Josh is actively working on finalizing the sync issues between GitHub and BitBucket; we have now a fully documented flow and state model and we think the update to the design will be bulletproof.
    7. Must determine any ONC demo for Sydney
    8. Need to begin discussions of IGs.

  6. Tracking Changes to VSD (Carmela)

    Changes to VSD have been identified as a result of the VSD-P project. We would like to track those changes somewhere. CC requested a new JIRA project from HL7. The request was not accepted. CC created a confluence page to track the changes, which is not an ideal solution. 
  7. FHIR Tracker Items (Rob Hausam)
    1. Updates and plans for ConceptMap block votes

Details from the tracker calls reviewed and documented on the November 7 call; notes can be found here

Comprehensive list of tracker items can be found here

  1. Gender Harmony Project Update (Carol/Rob M) 
    Item tabled, out of time.

  2. Liaison Reports   out of time, item tabled
    a. ISO (Ted)Next ISO TC 215 meeting end of March in Washington DC (Arlington).   Fall 2020 meeting in India.

    b. LOINC (Ted/Rob H) - Next LOINC meeting will be in Indianapolis...

    c. SNOMED (Rob H/Reuben/Peter) - 

  3. New Business -


  4. Next call items - 
    1. Do the needed block votes on the FHIR tracker items.