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Will remove security requirements for the purpose of the connectathon

Actual Participants

Danielle Bancroft (Fred IT Group) - Australia

Paul Barry (eRx Script Exchange) - Australia

Greg Pryde (RxOne) - New Zealand

Alberto Isidro (Cerner) - Australia

Ryan Davis (GuildLink) - Australia

William Durnford (Best Practice) - Australia

Craig Schnuriger (MedAdvisor) - Australia

Anjani Jaswal (Fred IT Group) - Australia

Manjeet Singh (eRx Script Exchange) - Australia

Joaan Vargheese (Fred IT Group) - Australia

Sarwar Erfan (Modeus) - Australia

Weyn Ong (MedAdvisor) - Australia

Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health ) - Australia

Marc Belej (All Scripts) - Australia

Andy Robb (InterSystems) - Australia

Jesus Nunez (Rosemary Health) - Australia

Track ResultsDanielle Friend (Epic) - United States

Lloyd McKenzie (Gevity) - Canada


  • Fixed and updated IG issues.
  • Registered patient successfully
    submitted medication order from prescribing system 
    retrieved patient MySL in patient app  as medication request in patient APP
    rendered as token
    scanned and pulled down and dispensed by pharmacy system

Discovered issues/Questions

Issues identified during interactions:

  • Missing drug codes in Medication Request (added to support both AMT and PBS+MF)
  • Use case for queue mgmt software to access MySL - Authentication needs investigation as cannot use site PKI
  • Patient match operation needs review
  • Need to ensure patient validation exist to avoid more than one patient being addedraddressed
  • Request consent for org has error in the xml example
  • Profiles need to be reviewed with regard to minimum mandatory fields etc
  • Request consent for org has error in the xml example

What Next

Identified certain workflow scenarios requiring further work in next phase:

  • Edit patient call
  • Carer mode access
  • Identifier for patient app to use (cannot/don't have IHI)
  • Flag med in request as hidden
  • Mapping of pharmacy site IDs from third party apps against PDS site IDs