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  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
    • Brief report out on AMIA
    • Follow-up from last week - All
      • Plans for a near-term joint meeting with O&O & Imaging integration
        • We need to present draft plan for Sections / Subsection modeling
    • Update from O&O - Nathan
      • Extension versus component - tending toward use of extension, but not settled
      • May want to add a new type for "qualifiers"
      • How to use "has member" and derived from
      • "Related" is gone in Version 5
      • It might be good to make several examples that we can then define best practice 
      • Associated observations
      • When to use complex observations versus when to use resources
      • Should we propose a new (next generation) Observation?
      • Define Editorial policies for the identified issues
      • Write a position paper or white paper as a starting place
        • Stan will facilitate the project - a PSS lite?
        • Stan will start to make examples of use cases that we need to cover (after Christmas)
        • Ioana can be part of the discussion
      • Do we need a way to deprecate old (obsolete) profiles?  How many profiles are actually in production use
    • VANGUARD PSS was approved by FMG
      • Still needs ?
      • TSC ?
    • Moving the content of  “” to "" - Claude will work with Patrick
    • Project Updates
      • Filing of NIBs for February ballots
        • Breast Cancer Radiology - NIB will be filed by Richard, voted on by CIC
        • Vital Signs - all delayed until the May ballot
        • Wound Assessment - all delayed until the May ballot
        • Pain Assessment - all delayed until the May ballot
        • Labs (O&O) - all delayed until the May ballot
      • Highlights from TSC review of our PSSs:

        1. Timelines will need to be adjusted as these have missed the deadlines to ballot in January
        2. Remove references to V3 Datatypes (3l says “yes”) - need to review the PSSs to see where V3 Datatypes are referenced
        3. Each references 80% content externally developed, except Skin and Wound assessment doesn’t note a percentage, just that the content was developed externally. All three will likely need to have the content reviewed by ARB, so the project teams will need to coordinate that with ARB cochairs, Lorraine Constable and Tony Julian. I have copied them on this email. - Need to change the PSSs to not be external content. - Susan
        4. Lab Model and Skin and Wound assessment are universal realm but use SNOMED CT – will need to be cautious.  - Okay
        5. Add repository URLs to section 3i if missing – should be using HL7 Github for where the repository resides.  Claude will help Nathan get the repository established.
    • Roadmap and resources
      • Process
        • PSS creation
        • Votes by sponsors and co-sponsors
        • Steering division
        • TSC
        • ARB (if there is something is architecture related)
        • US Realm if it is US specific
        • FMG if FHIR artifacts are being created
        • (Get the official rules from Laura Heermann Langford) - Refer to the GOM
      • Projects and owners
        • VANGUARD - Richard Esmond
        • Vital signs - Susan Matney
        • Skin and wound assessment - Susan Matney
        • Pain assessment - Susan Matney
        • Lab - Nathan Davis
      • Future CIMI projects
        • Chronic Disease Management - Claude, UofU
        • Limitations of US Core APIs - Claude, UofU
        • Where can CIMI have the most value for important or commonly used Resources?
        • Creating profile fragments that can be combined to create complete profiles
        • More general approach to profiles (archetypes and templates) as par to IG creation
    • Meeting business
  • Any other business