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Austin Kreisler
Lynn Laakso
Wayne Kubick
Anne Wizauer


  • Notes from last meeting available here: 2019-11-04
  • Question from last time: What is the policy on retired artifacts; can we recover things that are missing from the grid?


Discussion over having standards disappear from circulation. Lynn confirms that things that have been withdrawn that don't currently appear on the grid are still accessible to staff and could be restored. 

Expired or withdrawn ANSI standards would have to have the ANSI information removed.

Once we agree on how to approach this, the default view shouldn't include retired things. 

Should have standard language stating that a standard has been retired and should no longer be implemented, and that current standards can be accessed on

Could put out a list on what is going to be retired to the WGs for their feedback. SGB is creating rules around time limits, etc.

Should rename the Master Standards Grid to be Product Grid. We have items on it that are not standards.

Cancel next week.