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Ioana Singureanu:

Update on discussion from November 14, 2019

Consideration of a PSS-lite proposal for CGP to act as a convener for a Military Service definition project (Ioana)

Follow up from TSC discussion regarding WG scope (Jean / Floyd)

Project Scope Statement: Military Service History and Status FHIR Profiles


Ioana brought up the concerns from the Patient Administration Workgroup. Using the example of sex/gender, the recommendation is to use Observation to represent those concepts. Therefore, occupation and military service make more sense as a Cross Work Project since it overlaps with US Core. Orders and Observations may be involved because the project profiles Observation. Therefore, this fully funded project needs a home and the work occurs in different workgroups.  Occupational Data for Health (ODH) also crosses workgroups and data should be part of social history. That project is now in Public Health but it applies to multiple workgroups. The results may be extensions to be used in other projects; some may be specific to the US (e.g., Gulf War and Enduring Freedom) rather than new resources. The need is that all projects trying to address military service should align to have a harmonized result in FHIR. These data are currently in use with HL7 v2 Z-segments. There is also interest in a portion of this work for existing Da Vinci efforts for prior authorization.

Counterpoints - this Workgroup is more of a workgroup of last resort - not necessarily a place for items refused by other workgroups. Also, this is a Patient Administration issue. For the example of patient sex/gender, the Patient Administration WG defined that the concepts should be represented as Observations.  There must be a good reason that the project isn't going to Patient Administration. US Core performs activities in almost every group and thus fits with the intent of Cross Workgroup Projects.

Action Items:

  • Ioana will update the PSS to reference specific reasons for requiring Cross Workgroup Projects rather than other specific workgroups. We may be able to handle approvals through e-votes.
  • Jean sent a request to TSC to review this request as well. The PSS lite includes a Connectathon in May 2020 to evaluate the new proposed profiles. Some may be good prospects for US Core future ballots / updates, but the project team will need to support the comments on such ballots. How to get such information into US Core will require additional discussion and considerations.

BusinessRoad to US Core

Work on the process for adding FHIR profiles and other artifacts to US Core. US Core Update is published:

Action Items:

  • Brett - need to develop the maintenance process for US Core
  • Consider a new project for US FHIR base - conceptual, still to be defined (include elements that relax constraints established by US Core but provides direction for use of FHIR).

Management Next agenda

Consider options for next meeting:

  • Jean will not be available December 12, 2019
  • The subsequent scheduled meeting is December 26, 2019 (day after Christmas).

Action Item:

  • The group agreed to meet, instead, on December 19 at this same time (Thursday December 19, 2019).

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM ET.

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