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1Typo "br" vs "be" submit sheetTypoPatrick 2019-11-06Fixed
2email configurationEmailPatrick2019-11-07

Remove tags in mail, rules

Add explanation in documentation

3ValuesThe error test 9, that the vote/type cant be blank.  Is there a table of all votes?Patrick2019-11-10Not fully understanding the question.  There is a list of allowed vote types, yes.  In Jira there's a drop-down.  In the import process, it's a hard-coded list.  Votes, once imported, live in the 'BALLOT' project as BallotVote items (which are sub-tasks to the BallotSubmission item)
 4Valuesame/Disposition tablePatrick2019-11-10

Patrick E. LoydDon't understand?

 5Email JIRAERROR: 21. Jira email address ( does not match that of commenter.  So, all voters have a Jira email??Patrick2019-11-10Yes, all voters must have a Jira email.  If they don't have a Jira account, you can't submit a vote on their behalf.  That's a limitation of the new system.  (We're driving towards all voters submitting their comments directly.)
 6No errorTest comment 5, no error?Patrick2019-11-10

Patrick E. Loyd Don't understand?