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  • if you are doing a milestone release: use FTP to delete the contents of{realm}/{code}: yes, delete all the files
  • use FTP to copy the entire contents of {root}/{realm}/{code} to{realm}/{code} - no need to upload files that have not changed
  • mark "yes" in the FTPed column
  • FTP the files {root}/package-feed.xml to and {root}/publication-feed.xml to
  • check the changes to {registry}/fhir-ig-list.json (use git diff) and fill out any missing information (look for ?? in the changes) - may need to talk to FHIR product director to decide what to put
  • commit and push the changes to the FHIR IG registry to github & mark "yes" in the Register IG column
    • Note: if you are doing multiple IGs, you only need to do the last previous 3 steps once
  • if this is a milestone publication, let Lloyd know that it's time to mark applied tasks as published, and considered for future use tasks as open
  • if this is a milestone publication (not for ballots) make an announcement on the topic in Zulip using the following template: