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  • Revision Cycle 1909
    • 1901004
      • should we mention this in the ER for Recirculation ballot by including "or their named proxy" for recirculation ballots
        • Should the name of the balloter when there is a proxy - no, need to retain name
        • If there is no response, original vote is carried over
        • we will create a new issue for the next cycle 
    • 1905009
      • still needs to go to the TSC and FMG
      • will Defer
    • 1909008
      • Co-Chair elections will be annual
      • For write ins - 
      • Currently don't allow list serve for campaigning
      • Email from HQ - when the individual indicates they want to be a write in
        • email will be sent to the WG list serve by HQ that will include the information of the new candidate as well as the full list of candidates
      • Sometimes the write in is made by someone else - Karen contacts them to confirm if they want to run
      • Change to be made: Single post to the WG List Serve during the election period - "A single post to the appropriate list serve indicating an individuals intent to be considered a write-in candidate shall not be construed as campaigning."
        • can not include "vote for me statements", "why I'm a good candidate statements", etc
  • Additional change
    • naming of ballot cycle - revision cycles 2 digit calendar year - but iteration will be the revision cycle <YR><REVISION CYCLE>
      • 2001, 2005, 2009
      • we talk about the January, May and September WGM
      • propose we leave as it is
      • no change needed
    • Melva to followup with Mark on changes coming from EC
    • Chuck to check wording related to who is eligible to run and who is eligible to vote - for all positions
  • Next Meeting
    • December 16, 2019 at 2pm Eastern

Action Items

  •  Melva Petersto followup with Mark on new items
  •  Charles Meyer will check to see if we need wording related to who is eligible to run and who is eligible to vote - for all positions
  •  Charles Meyer will draft peer review pages
  •  Charles Meyer to create new issue related to naming proxy for recirculation ballots