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Management Minutes Approval - 2019-10-16 Meeting Agenda


Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR) Block Vote - Sent to dss list October 12:

Move to approve block vote: Bob Dieterle/Larry Decelles.  Approved 16/0/3.

GForge link:

Status of Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR) support for STU3

  • Discussed with TSC on Mon 10/21.  Should the published guide be limited to a single version of FHIR (R4)?  The ballot had contained both STU3 and R4.  
  • Email will be sent to those who signed up to vote to see if they object.

CDS Hooks Update

  • Bryn - about 4 weeks ago we proposed a DSTU update process to update CDS hooks to add a patient-view hook definition.  
    • Process led to discussion around concurrency of data from the EHR and the CDS service.
    • Proposed modifications to hook language that are more appropriate as clarifications to the specification itself.
    • Hook definitions PSS is before the TSC.
  • Discussion about whether CDS hooks process is partially external to HL7.
  • We want to separate the base spec from the hook definitions. 
    • Bas: They are separate specifications.
    • Wait for TSC approval of Hook definitions PSS.  Ballot of patient-view hook would be in Feb 2020.
  • Bob: Similar issues for DaVinci IGs.  Considering a companion guide, which would be peer-reviewed but not balloted.  It would be incorporated into the next version of the ballot.
  • Floyd: There is a process for STU updates.
  • Motion: Abandon this particular STU update. Bas/Phillip Warner.  
    • Floyd - why abandon the update process?  
    • Approved 17/0/0.


 Next agenda

  • FDA Guidance on CDS as a medical device
  • CQL STU comments
  • FHIR Trackers
  • Comments on patient-view/CDS hooks spec.  Discuss STU update of the base spec.

 Adjournment1 PM EDT Adjourned at