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NGrahame GrieveHL7
NJoyce SensmeierHIMSS

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Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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Management Agenda approval
WorkTiger team creationTiger team has been created in the TCon at Oct 22nd, 2019

HIMSS: Amit Trivedi, Joyce Sensmeier

IHE: Jürgen Brandstätter, Chris Carr

HL7: Wayne Kubick, Grahame Grieve


Communication Plan

Order of communication/publication

1) Press release of the "Statement of Principles"

Questions: Annonce on which channels? One of us, all of us? Date of issue?

What information shall this press release include?

2) Second press release short after for announcing support of ONC and Dutch + we are making it broader

3) First announcement at a webinar

Could be a HIMSS webinar, has a lot of attendance

Must be announced a couple weeks before latest

4) Secondary announcement at events:

IHE CAT NA Jan, ONC Annual meeting Jan, HL7 WGM Feb, HIMSS US Mar

Could include Q&A sessions, onboarding advertisment, ...

5) Announcement of Governance

ad 1) First press release content

  • 1.a) the statement of principles +
    • Is ready
  • 1.b) respective roles and assets each org contributes to the initiative +
    • Define the respective roles of each org. First division:

      • HIMSS) Marketing, Education, Communication, ?

      • HL7) Standards Development, FHIR, ?

      • IHE) Profiling, market-ready products, conformity assessment, ?

      • Deadline: next call

  • 1.c) link to a consortium webspace landing page +
    • Consortium webspace will be placed on an own domain + content managment system
    • HIMSS looks up available domains
    • Deadline: next call

2) Second Press release content:

  • 2.a) we have support of ONC and Dutch +
    • HIMSS is drafting it
    • Should include (and explain its relation to) the announcement between HIMSS and Dutch
  • 2.b) we are currently working on making it broader (governance)
    • HIMSS is drafting it
    • Which stakeholders? In which phases? ...
Management Next call

Thu, Oct 31, 2019, 9am - 10am CT (IHE organizes)

 Adjourned at 10am CT

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    Wayne Kubick: Set up a call with Grahame for scope and governance (Wayne, Jürgen, Grahame), when Grahame is in Europe