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Decision Link(if not child)
Management Minute ApprovalMMS Nick/Riki(3-0-3-0)
MethodologyReaffirm Shared messages

MMS Ballot Reaffirmation Riki/Hans(5-0-1-0)

MethodologyHarmonization Proposal for HL70203

MMS to approve Hans/Riki (6-0-0)

Add Consume Application Account Identifier – maybe same as username

MethodologyHarmonization Proposal(Riki)

For IDSO  = Why is this an ID rather than a number? – Riki to follow up with Digital Pathology WG

For Previous specimen ID: Where does this fit in the message flow – depends which organization keeps the tracking – what does it do, when the identifier type is changed – difference between the role a specimen is playing vs what it actually is. – Riki to follow up with Raj and the IHE group: Riki will bring back next call

MethodologyStandard Quality metricsWe need to merge the metrics with the IG expanding on the base

Quality Metrics for standard and IGs – check on where we are:

Looks like we are missing all the rules around formatting

A lot of these seem to referencing back to the Conformance chapter – Rob Snelick to write this up – Tony to follow up with Rob

What format will we be balloting – word converted to pdf? Who owns the first draft

Would it be good to combine them into one document – at least for the core of that, as the IG adds more constraint to the base

Craig will take a shot at drafting the IG metrics version, considering the comments – ready for next call!

Toy to reach out to Vocab to get them to review the terminology binding rules

Craig will check with Austin on how the CDA criteria are planned to be published after ballot – it is good to have the TOC – if we can create in confluence, then should be easy to create the checklist

A lot of the current style guide is to create look and feel – similar to FHIR IG templates

For Jan ballot initial content deadline

MethodologyIG Quality MetricsCraig will bring back for review in two weeks
Management Next agenda

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