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Laura Heermann-Langford



 Lindsey Hoggle  

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    XIRIS Health Solutions 



Enable Care




Thomson Kuhn


Rute Martins


PJM Consulting



Stratametrics, LLC

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Julia Skapik

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Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Decision Link(if not child)
 Minutes Approval

Approve by consensus-delayed due to quorum

Introduction of new member, Rhonda Facile and explanation of the work of CIC. 

2019-09-26 CIC Conference Call
Project Report-outs 

Breast CA (Richard R. Esmond)

Breast Cancer per @MayTerry - trying to divide ballot items into block votes.  CA Interoperability meeting run by Richard; mCODE had less involvement at present. mCODE more involved now due to mCODE's presence at HL7.  mCODE does not include radiology at present, which breast CA has.

mCODE (May Terry) , Rute Martins)

Arrange Block vote for mCode Block #2 vote October 30th.

mCODE ballot STU in September 2019.  In process of ballot reconciliation; 140 comments, 

have been approving in blocks (Block 1: 38 issues/approved, 3 pulled for further discussion) 

Beginning Block Vote #2. Most items are simple; 1) genomics - where there are overlapping profiles with Clinical

Genomics IG; 2) Labs - should mCODE include labs? CBC and Full panel - may remove these profiles after consultation

with CIMI.  CIMI is working on CIMI labs modeling. There is no profile for key lab results.  

Would like to have block vote Wednesday 8 AM (Laura is CIC co-chair liaison.)  October 30th would be the next vote, if time allows.

No report.

VANGUARD (Julia Skapik)

No report.

No report.

BiPolar DAM (Publishing pending)

Publishing pending per Lindsey Hoggle.

Changes for WG

Update from Atlanta WGM on WG Changes 

Lindsey Hoggle

Delayed until next meeting.
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