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 Minutes Approval


2019-10-22 Security WG Agenda/Minutes

Motion to Approve with amendment to update # of approval 10/22 Minutes :   (

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WGM Report out

Kathleen - Draft WGM Minutes - in process. 

16 SEP 2019 SEC WGM Minutes

17 SEP 2019 SEC WGM Minutes

18 SEP 2019 SEC WGM Minutes


Share with Protections

Mike Davis

Update on SwP Part 1 and Part 2 (to be presented Drafts).  Recommend FHIR IG PSS for SwP. 

No Update
Slide decks and Sharing with Protections paper are available on Security WG Confluence site
Granular Access Control - Implementer ExperienceIsaac Vetter to present on EPIC's a potential approach to granular access control and how it fits with standards we have in place (e.g., security labels) and guidance we would like to develop on granular scopes etc.   
PSAF Provenance Volume 3 Ballot Reconciliation

Kathleen - Discuss proposed resolutions for block votes

FHIR Security

John Moehrke

Note the call time has moved to 1PM ET, which is the hour after the CBCP calls.

Discussion thread on Zulip @

(SP) 800-207, Zero Trust Architecture

Mike Davis: Should HL7  Sec WG provide comments on NIST Zero Trust Architecture relevant to standards work?  Reference HL7’s PSAF Vol 1 with links to relevant sections such as Fig 7, 9, 12, 18 etc.

Federal Health IT Strategic Plan

Mike Davis Should HL7 security comment on Federal Health IT Strategic Plan –

    • Individuals perform on their own some of the activities that traditionally occur only in formal health care settings (e.g., monitoring blood pressure, tracking body mass index). An increasing number of individuals want the ability to use technology to track and improve upon their health goals, and want technology to be helpful and easy to use.
    • How does HL7 support objective 4b?

Need links.

AdjournmentMeeting adjourned at

Temporary Meeting Recording: