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CDS Hooks STU Update Review/Approval

Proposed additions to the specification are really items that should be clarified in the base specification and not necessarily appropriate in a hook definition. Motion to approve the hook definition as initially proposed: Howard Strasberg. No second. Discussion around whether there is a difference between CDS Hooks process and other HL7 specifications. Also discussion around whether the Patient-View hook is a new specification, in which case it may need to wait for the Hook Definition PSS.

FHIR Tracker Items

[#24432]( - Revising Clinical Reasoning Module to update Evidence and related Resources

[#24675]( - Searching for unmitigated DetectedIssue

[#24617]( - Ability to reference a goal in RequestGroup

[#24618]( - Support definitional participants in RequestGroup

[#23876]( - Change clinical-protocol to protocol

#24432 - Persuasive, Brian Alper/Guilherme del Fiol: 12-0-2
CQL STU Comments

Comment #1868: Motion to accept proposed change: Bas van den Heuvel/Guilherme del Fiol: 13-0-0

Comment #1870: Motion to accept proposed change: Chris Moesel/Bas van den Heuvel: 13-0-0

Comment #1871: Motion to approve changes proposed: Chris Moesel/Floyd Eisenberg:

Further discussion: For consistency with FHIRPath resolution, use the word calendar duration keyword, rather than unit.


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  • CDS Hooks STU Update
  • DTR Block Vote?
  • Response from committee on FDA guidance on CDS as medical device

 Adjourned at 11:03