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Weekly updates will be posted to this page to give a high level overview of the UTG project with current priorities and risks


General status and progress updates: 

  • Final architecture is now in place with the new publishing mechanisms (see below).  But needs to be fully documented.
    • All UTG page generation is done first to like any other IG
    • Scripts are run to create a 'release'
    • The links at for CURRENT must be updated to put to the build, which will now always be on
    • All releases will be on servers (Amazon web services)
    • Branch rendering is automatic, and thus there will likely be much less development effort than we feared

Immediate Priorities:

  • Deal with remaining Canadian URI issues
  • Create verbiage and documentation for rendered pages
  • Document design of publication process and continue to discuss versioning
    • Versioning to be discussed over the next couple of months with the main Vocabulary WG and possibly the FHIR Tracker WG
  • Redesign of the page generation and publishing
    • Document how publishing must work now
    • Dig up Grahame's link for the publishing instructions
    • Design and plan the coremif generation integration


General status and progress updates: