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Weekly updates will be posted to this page to give a high level overview of the UTG project with current priorities and risks


General status and progress updates: 

  • Reviewed meeting notes from Atlanta WGM
    • Created list of tasks to be added to project plan
    • All tasks to be reviewed, prioritized and added to the plan when Ted returns from ISO
  • Continued to investigate level of effort required for proposed architectural changes
    • Right now the notions that are being pursued are:

      1.  Keep BitBucket and SourceTree as currently implemented for proposal creation
      2. On move into consensus review, copy the BitBucket branch to a newly created branch in the main Git UTG repo from which the rendering can be done
      3. Place the links to the rendered proposal content into the ticket and send for consensus review
      4. On Approval, merge the Git branch to the Git Master and cleanup the rendered temporary pages
      5. On Rejection, Withdrawal, or return to draft, remove and abandon the Git branch, and cleanup the rendered temporary pages
    • Workflow diagram showing architectural changes: flow_ver8p0.png

Immediate Priorities:

  • Obtain level of effort for proposed architectural changes
  • Deal with remaining Canadian URI issues
  • Create verbiage and documentation for rendered pages
  • Document design of publication process and continue to discuss versioning
    • Versioning to be discussed over the next couple of months with the main Vocabulary WG and possibly the FHIR Tracker WG


General status and progress updates: