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Lists of medications are present in many areas of both electronic healthcare applications, mobile applications, and paper based records.  These lists serve many purposes.  Often they inform the user/viewer of the medication list for some specific purpose related to the context where the list is made available. 

In ePrescribing applications the lists may be used to represent the active medications that a patient has been ordered/authorized to take and is reported to be taking; in other cases the list of medications may be expanded to represent any medication the patient has ever taken.  In the ePrescribing case it may also include filters to see what medications orders have been completed, or those that are on-hold, or those that have been entered-in-error.  Some lists may include both medications that have been authorized by a clinician via an order/prescription, and include those medications the patient is taking that have been purchased "over the counter" without any order from any clinician. 

In some systemsystems, the list of dispensed medications provides another view of medications the patient is expected to be taking.