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Minute approval

Updated 2019-09-16 ARB Agenda/Minutes - Q4 to clarify that the CARIN name comment was referencing profiles as opposed to the implementation guide itself.

MOTION to accept as amended

Discussion over comments on 9/16 minutes. 

  •  Anne Wizauerto talk to Josh about PSS instructions link opening in a new window

Did an introductory review of CARIN Blue Button material. Tony created a page to track and record ARB comments as members perform their review. Discussion over scope of ARB review vs. what should occur in other review processes.

Reviewed FHIR IG Review process/checklist; could be a source of objective quality criteria to review against. 



MethodologyThings that came up this week

HRSA project may ballot in January. Stefano will want to come back and talk with us about it around the end of October.

Need to clearly define what criteria we're looking for when we review external content. Part of it might be whether the project is planning to spend significant time reviewing and developing content with the WG, so the WG can apply official WG process. If it's fully developed already then the criteria might be different. Could have a list of things we expect to see in a project when it comes in and have the WG do the check. If we have a set of objective criteria, it would give a clear reason if we ever decided to reject something.

Lots of conversation around information modelling in respect to FHIR this week. 

Harmonization referral from Vocab

Need to ask Vocab specifically what they want our advice on. 

  •  Jean Duteauto follow up on the harmonization referral from Vocab and clarify if ARB input is needed

ManagementOther business and planning

Agenda until next WGM

Do we want to try to progress any of our other projects? Will have to deal with whatever happens with the SAIF reaffirmation recirculation. Could invite Berndt to a conference call to discuss his concerns. Are we going to update the SAIF CD or leave it as it is? Should decide after we talk to Berndt. 

May be able to close standards grid project.

Need to update milestones on SAIF. 

Decide what we want to do with 1327, which is the standard grid. May be able to close it.

Update milestones on 1524 (RTSS). 

Do we need a project for the definition of errata? Have a number of tasks to do once it's  settled, including a newsletter article.

Ron has been reaching out to the people on the list to discus RTSS with.

When do we meet next WGM?

Sunday joint with SGB, Monday Q2, Thurs Q3 is our usual schedule.

Would be Monday, Tuesday, Friday in Sydney.

 Adjourned at 3:00 pm Eastern