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Sunday Q0 Minutes


Quarter: Q0

Minutes Approved as Presented 


This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


  • Confluence Tips & Tricks
  • STU Comments Migration Project
  • Additional use of Forms
  • Tools Catalog Project

Discussion items

Confluence Tips & Tricks

We discussed some of the possibilities for best practices

  • Locating the Agenda & Attendance in the same place on the sidebar for every working group.
  • Having a common agenda across all the working groups that members can see what sessions they need to attend (it would be great if they could build their own agenda in Confluence)
  • Creating Tips & Tricks for creating better agendas
  • Using forms to suggest and add topics to the agenda, and then placing them on the agenda. This could also then become the basis of a database for creating a master agenda within Confluence?
  • Need a tips & Tricks page for our ideas.
  • Scott noticed the CDA Management Group desire to work with Pharmacy to improve CDA. He agreed and I told him that I could work with him.

STU Comments Migration ProjectIntroduced the project to migrate the STU comments to JIRA for other teams (i.e. not just FHIR) to the JIRA. Discussed this during the meeting and discussed the timeline.

Additional Use of FormsThere was interest in using Forms for additional work within Confluence. Scott is from Pharmacy and he and others are rather savvy with Confluence, but they see opportunity to further use Confluence and JIRA for their areas.

Tools Catalog ProjectIntroduced the  kickoff of the Tools Catalog Project and the goals for the project.

Action items


Tuesday Q1  rough draft:

Chair:  Andrew

Scribe: David Burgess

Michael's topics

  • First Timers slide deck for Tooling is outdated (need to reach out to Sadna) David Burgess to reach out to Sadna to see what slides she has
  • Standards Web Site (CIC, M-code) Michael refereed them to Josh is checking with DJ
  • Some discussion on tooling occured Wednesday, unbeknownst to the EST Michael van der Zel to find out more about.
    • See Thu Q2.


  • Security Work Group wants to save off meetings (FCC only saves up to 1 Gig.).  AWS may be an answer.  Will discuss further on conference call when Wayne and others can join the discussion. 

Work Group Health:  Failed to achieve gold star.

Steering division update by Michael. 

  • Questions of where Patient Work Group and what steering division it belongs too.  (Patient focused work).
  • Debbie Willis Patient Link discussed wish of patient to correct data if error are identified.
  • Loyd discussed the need for making Work Group Meetings more streamlined, interactive and less intimidating for new attendees.  Joshua had a conversation for Loyd about using JIRA for meeting room assignments and merging that with event mobi.  Andrew is also working on Confluence tips and tricks related to meeting agendas and best practices.

Merger EST and Publishing: 

  • Mission and Charter - David and Brian planning to put together a draft M&C before the end of this WGM.  Once quarter is identified David Burgess will send announcement to EST co-chairs.

Review of Agenda meetings on Wednesday appears that these are the meetings traditionally hosted by Publishing Work Group.  (As of last WGM, anticipation was that EST and Publishing would have merged, and this would have been first combined WGM.  For that reason EST sent out the room request for this WGM.)

Reviewed Tooling Survey questions.

Wednesday Q1

Thursday Q1

  • Meeting Called to Order around 8:10am
  • Tooling Catalog
    • first pass
      • criteria for what goes on it
      • criteria for what passes
      • reining in all the questions.
      • Set a goal to review on each call. 10 on each call as a starting point.
      • Once we get the final list, we will move from the Ruby on Rails tool to Confluence. Roku
  • Call Center Follow-up for OO
    • looking at one point for managing more than one call. listserv for announcing more than one call. They want to have multiple calls at the same time. Linked to having a proper workgroup defined. Workgroup and project. That is the area of the project that needs to be better defined. That is the piece of the code that needs to be better defined/unlinked. Maybe we allow that. OO can have multiple calls. Have two numbers for calling in OO right now and can add more. This is something that DJ is working on. Is there a new action item for DJ. Joshua Procious will follow-up with David Johnson to see if we are actively working on this to make it possible. OO wants this and so does CDCP. CDCP just wants it to store their recordings. OO has multiple FCC accounts. Want to be able to schedule them in the Conference Call Center which we aren't able to do now.
  • RFP response for new C-CDA publishing tool.
    • This is a carry-over topic. These happened in May. Both Art-Decor and Lantana were awarded contracts and had demos in July.
  • The merger is in process. Bryan Brian and David will try to finish the Charter before the end of the workgroup.
  • The GForge migration to JIRA is in progress.
  • Workgroup Health
    • Balloting
      • We should be green in this space since we do not publish ballots
      • Charter/SWOT are updated on 5 year schedules instead of 3 years
      • No 3 year plan anymore
      • many other things are different.
    • Project 1527 - review 10 tools each call. 
      • Change review to May WGM 2020
    • 1176 - will archive.
    • 1032 - Moving DSTU comments to something like JIRA - for Normative and Informative
      • FHIR is just now transitioning to using JIRA.
      • We will begin in October using the FHIR process for STU and Normative/Informative Comments and develop a process for handling the workflow.

Thursday Q2 - Liaisons Meeting

  • Introductions
  • Tools Update for Liaisons
    • Andrew walks through "Liaisons Note" page items.
      • Github: They (staff?) are working on the proces to work with github. Some groups are possible using GitHub for the sources and tools access GitHub to create publish artifacts and Jira for issues. The goal is to move away from GForge. New projects must use GitHub / Jira / Confluence. Idea was to do requests through zulip channel (question).
      • PSS: Andrew walks through the workflow that shows how Jira / Confluence work together on the PSS. EST reviews this with respect to tools needed to support this.
        • Some discussion about the PSS Lite.
        • There are multiple versions of the PSS Lite (template). Do we track that and ask people to update if needed?
        • Track changes in time and show diffs.
        • It should be easy to create based on a organisation scope template and ask Dave were organisational wide templates are stored.
      • Jira: FHIR ballot issue tracking is supposed to go life in October. Currently in GForge. Plan is to do all the FHIR balloting in Jira from January on. The general ballots have some extra fields, they will build on top of the FHIR ballot. Things like "Proposed wording".
      • Merger with Publication: PEST WG (wink) There is a draft of the new Mission and Charter. Needs some work, plan is to finish on the next call.
        • We are getting away from word documents. We would want to develop/document a publication vision and guidance. How to harmonize the visual style and feel of the publications and how things hook in the different tools.
      • Liaisons. Working on a space to share Liaison information. Working on a Survey. The Tooling Catalog clean-up, so we get a manageble list of tools we can support better.
      • EA Cloud is there for use, processes in place to create projects, not much usage yet.
      • IHE Test Tool meeting Wed Q1/Q2/Q3?
        • The meeting (Christopher Carr RSNA was the chair) is about IHE Test Tooling for FHIR IGs. The other topic was the IG Publication Tooling and how to use that (customize e.g. IHE logo) for IHE Profiles. Other parts of the discussion were about were do IG's reside. Does a IHE Profile only reference a IG that is maintained by a HL7 WG or not. IHE Profiles add a couple of things on top of the FHIR IG, e.g. Sequence Diagrams. Another topic was about the "depth" of the testing. Some tests only check on ACK/NACK and not on the content. Not all IG's have TestCases in them, so testing is not very mature. The test-case that looks to have priority  is the IPS. The IPS is an ISO/CEN spec, has a FHIR IG and has / will have an IHE Profile so that people can do an IHE Connectathon with it..
      • Bitbucket <> is a Git repository. UTG is there now. BitBucket is the Git from Atlassian. We have to determine when to use which. Bitbucket integrates with Jira and GitHub has its own issue tracker. If you have a HL7 Confluence or HL7 Jira account you have a HL7 Bitbucket account.
  • Workgroup Survey
  • Liaisons Q&A