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  • Recognise that the 3 year workplan is no longer a mandatory activity, and we have decided that we will continue tracking it, purely as a way to track our progress to normative for FHIR Resources and projects (so we can know when our project PSS dates are coming up.
  • The 3 year plan was revised



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FHIR Trackers:

22485 - Comments updated for further discussion with the Tracker submitter.

Comment added: 

The ServiceType property needs to be consistent with the Appointment property of the same name and update its cardinality to be multiple.

These changes would be covered by the conditions and procedures that are connected to the encounter. Billing would then run from ChargeItems and the ranked Discharge Diagnosis etc based on the various jurisdiction specific business rules.

Will take this up again on conference calls when we have more information, and attendance with additional EHR knowledge

14451 - old tracker from 2018. 

Suggestion to have people assigned to updates on different resources, so that we don't do updates on the same resource.

Motion: No longer seeing any warning related to workflow in the QA repost, so closing the issue.

Motion by Brian, second by Simone: 7-0-0

20479 - Clarification about subject in Encounter

Need further suggestions from Lloyd and Grahame, as well as EHR developers to find out how to move forward with this.

22497 - Detail description of Encounter.serviceProvider references an unknown example

Motion to approve to add the example of colonoskopi.

Motion by Brian, second by Christian - 6-0-0

23764 - Resource Encounter - Update Mappings(v2)

Pushed to when Cooper and Alex are present.

23837 - Encounter.participant.type name is confusing

Comment added to the Tracker:

Need to clarify if this is intended to cover roles or types. Currently is bound to the V3 Partipant Type set. (which includes concepts like admitter, escort, primary performer)

Where there other similar participant properties contain a role, which is bound to the participant role valueset which includes concepts like surgeon, dental assistant, urologist, public health nurse.

Will seek wider input on which of these concepts is desired to be covered in this case.

17414 - PractitionerRole extension for FHIR STU3

22114 - Make Practitioner.communication consistent with Patient/RelatedPerson.communication

Thursday Q2 


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