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See FHIR WGM Agendas 2019-09

Monday Q3 (main)


Current CapabilityStatement aligns with Swagger/OpenAPI. 

CapabilityStatement2 will add some more stuff, but Grahame didn't add it yet, so decided to table the discussion for later. 

Tracker Items

GF 23859: Create a new Bundle type for "subscription notification"

  • Using a Bundle for subscription notifications can allow for notifications of DELETE, etc. However, hard to decide what type to use (history is closest). Need to exchange info about the request and response. But the constraints on Bundle for certain types are problematic. Discussion about whether to create a new Bundle type, or to relax some constraints for history bundles. Decided that sticking with a history bundle is the better approach. 
  • Persuasive with mod
  • Motion: Josh Mandel/MIchael Donnelly: 15-0-9

GF 21286: Email delivery options should be more specific

Monday Q3 (questionnaire)

  • Anita and team gave a presentation on the Shared IRB project (See attached)
    • Discussed when it was appropriate/necessary to extract QuestionnaireResponse content into other resources vs. not
  • Lloyd talked about timeline for publication.  We currently have a little over 30 issues remaining to resolve
    • Will start saying "no" to new requirements unless we deem it to be essential to get those changes applied in the next SDC release
    • Realistically, we're looking at publishing at the end of October or some time in November
  • Block votes
    • Motion from Clem, second by Ed to approve both the SDC and PRO block votes (after pulling issues requested by Anita).  Approved 10-0-2
  • Lloyd gave a report on the connectathon
    • Small participation this time
    • Had one new participant from Netherlands.  Hadn't worked w/ SDC before.  He came and was able to get his existing system successfully spitting out SDC-conformant content in one day
    • Have been told to expect significantly more Questionnaire participants in Sydney
    • Had a good demonstration from Paul Lynch on the work he'd done with NLM.  Also had presentation from Brian Postlethwaite on doing Questionnaire population using SDC
    • Spent a session getting requirements for the new "workflow" section in SDC (information on Zulip)
  • Meeting time for Sydney
    • Several participants will be in Sydney.
    • Lloyd will start a Zulip discussion to find a call time that works for Sydney and will book it in the next couple of weeks

Monday Q4

Minutes provided by Riki Merrick

  • Workflow topics
    • Example scenario resource and tooling for example building (draft in R4) – ADD LINK:
      • Includes
        • the scenario itself (clinical use case)
        • Author, context and actors
        • Pre and post conditions
      • Creates diagram for actors and the exchange operations = sequence diagram
      • Showing off FHIR toolkit to pull up the scenario resource:
        • Building the content for an exampleScenario resource
      • Give us feedback on how this works to show workflow examples
        • Think this could be useful, especially the sequence diagram to organize more than 2 actors?
          • Yes
          • Also supports if, then scenario branches
        • Use of this resource for IG development and core?
          • Yes
          • In Rx WG want to string several examples together into a long workflow – need to create that overarching scenario that can reference
          • Where would workflow examples live?
            • Not yet figured out exactly
          • Can we add in the operations into the sequence diagram examples?
            • Not yet done, but good idea
          • Did you look at CMN or ???
            • We define an instance in these scenarios
          • Draft pattern for healthcare product?
            • Will migrate from Jose to the current build soon – ADD LINK here when done
            • Compared attributes among:
              • substance
              • Biologically derived product
              • Specimen??
              • Medication
              • Device
            • Some are universal like code, others only apply to devices, like model number
            • Group attributes that are instance identifying vs those that describe a kind
            • Question about definition of manufacturer?
              • This should be open for adjustment – assume is at organization level
            • What about item resource that was in STU3 – how do we do inventory of generic items that could be either or both at the same time, depending on the jurisdiction it is used in?
              • That is not part of workflow pattern
              • Was decision of the WG we think – may need to do some research of what happened
              • We try hard to not have more than 1 way of representing the same thing
            • Will post to implementers chat on zulip as well as send notice to co-chairs once this has been moved to the current build
          • Pattern difference between resource definitions
            • Looked at 4 resources so far
            • Use the pattern when you design new resource AFTER you have built a draft based on your use case requirements
          • FHIR editor quality
            • GitHub houses the resources
            • Build is automatic AFTER check in
            • OFTEN there is a long list of warnings and errors that comes out
              • Warnings should have FMM0
              • Information messages have FMM3
              • Also some warnings really should be errors, which prevent publication
              • We are in between releases and looking to get these warnings cleaned up
              • Will freeze the current build for those IGs that are going to ballot, so they have something to reference
              • Proposed clean up timeframe November till January – will include list of warnings that will be updated to errors
              • If not fixed after that timeframe, then resource no longer in the current build UNLESS warnings gets fixed
              • 2 issues hard to resolve:
                • RIM mapping is hard to complete (make that informational?)
                • Copyright statements in value sets for HL7 FHIR defined value sets
              • For IGs that are being built against R5 = current build – those will be part of the snapshot
                • not expected in this cycle, but may be concurrent with first R5 ballot in May2020
                • Folks may do this, because they want to use new resources, like subscription
              • Pattern Index in current build – ADD LINK
                • Has a tab even!
                • Interface patterns
                  • patterns of referencing participant
                • Combination patterns
                  • Performer excludes group and location, which makes sense
                  • CommunicationRequest does not include location, but Communication does – why?
                  • PatientCare requested endpoint to be supported in the participant pattern
                  • Communication referenced the pattern name of participant – war rolled back to the actual resources during connectathon (DID I GET THIS RIGHT?)
                • Same session going forward – maybe skip Sydney – will see, but will provide updates for sure then
                • Workflow calls are Mondays 2 PM EDT
                • Adjourned 5:06 PM EDT

Tuesday Q3

Tuesday Q4

Wednesday Q1