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Comment: Updated list per today's conversation in PoCD DoF

Punch list items raised at DoF Meeting 2019-07-08 + Updates for 2019 Sept. FHIR CAT & WGM:

"To do" items for PoCD Implementation Guide updates in next version

#1 See "Excerpt from Stefan Karl's ..." below 

  1. Update per FHIR R3.5 → R4.0 → current build w/ Version notes
  2. HL7 V2 → FHIR mapping: Build additional page for mapping from HL7 V2 (IHE PCD Device Enterprise Communications device observation) to FHIR PoCD Implementation Guide
    1. NOTE:  Proposed DEC FHIR Option that will leverage / inform the IG V2 mapping & FHIR messaging content
  3. IEEE 11073 -10207 Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) to FHIR PoCD IG -
    1. (Bjorn Andersen has a student, Cora Brenahahn, working on
    1. 11073-10207 BICEPS FHIR "profile" in Simplifier (this material will require some conversion from the Simplifier form if we continue to use traditional IG building methods)
    2. (Todd Cooper / Ken Fuchs / Stefan Schlichting) IHE SDPi "grouped" actors w/ FHIR 
    3. Consider SOMDA & MDPWS content as well, across all 4 key purposes
    4. Consider SDC-FHIR DAS / CDAS / Delegation Scenarios
  4. RESTful interaction details for PoCD
  5. Short comparison w/ PHD FHIR IG
  6. Use cases: amplify, add more
  7. Examples (more examples, amplify descriptions of existing ones)
  8. Safety, Security, Privacy sections to be written
  9. Sample arrays (esp. waveforms) - details of use, example
  10. Recover text from first (Simplifier) version that were omitted form second (IGPublisher) version


John Rhoads: HL7 V2 mapping, Messaging paradigm details, 


Excerpt from Stefan Karl's 2019-06-29 email first discussed at 2019-06-24 DoF PoCD Subgroup meeting:

This is my quick bullet list of what we need to work on: