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Chair: Joginder Madra

Scribe: Danny Wise

Conference call attendance






5 min.Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approvalJoginder Madra
  • last week's meeting was cancelled due to no topics on the agenda
  • Jan. 2nd meeting minutes approved (motion: Craig, second: AbdulMalik) 12-0-0
  • Reminder - ballot comments are due Jan 27th
5 min.Vital Records Death Reporting HL7 v2.6 publication requestMead Walker
  • publication request approved, pending updating "Date of Request" to current date since it still showed Jan. 2nd when it was initially on the agenda (motion: Mead, second: Craig) 15-0-0
  • Craig is in the V2 Management Group, so Mead will pass off the request to him now
5 min.Updates for BSeR, VRDR FHIR IRIG, and VR DAM projectsAbdulMalik Shakir
  • BSeR publication request was approved by the PHWG on Jan. 2nd, will be presented to FHIR Management Group on Jan. 22nd
    • the PHWG approval was contingent on the resolution of some pre-publication comments from Craig and Lisa Nelson – those comments are being addressed and incorporated
  • VRDR FHIR IG will consider moving from FHIR STU3 to R4 in next version of the IG (STU1)
  • VR DAM – coordinating with Birth Defects FHIR IG project to harmonize updates
15 min.FHIR resource proposed changeCraig Newman
  • JIRA 25277 Proposal January 2020.pptx
  • within the Immunization, ImmunizationEvaluation, and ImmunizationRecommendation resources, the "doseNumber" and "seriesDoses" elements' data types had previously been changed in R4 from positiveInt to "[x]" (postitiveInt or string)
    • this was to accommodate that there may not always be numerical "dose order" indications – some immunizations are given as boosters or even annually outside of any series
  • new comment suggests that the purpose of these elements is to convey intent from / to a clinician and that no numerical calculations are actually performed on them, so they can be string-only data type
  • recommendation is to approve as "persuasive"
  • WG provided feedback that Craig will take back to the SMEs before any further approval motion:
    • dose "seriesDoses" really ever need to be a string?  would it ever convey anything other than a number (the denominator of "dose X out of Y")?
    • would any system try to numerically compare "doseNumber" to "seriesDoses" to determine series completion status?
10 min.Measures of Interoperability SuccessLaura Rappleye / Craig Newman
  • HIMSS has a blog post at – how can the success of interoperability be measured effectively?
  • the number of connections doesn't necessarily equate to "success"
  • it would be worthwhile to consider and provide input related to Public Health interoperability
  • thoughts presented:
    • does it meet the needs of the community?
    • does it result in cost reduction?
    • how can even those "measures" be objectively quantified and evaluated?
  • next steps – ponder, if anyone has good ideas to discuss with the WG, put it on the agenda for a future call