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5 min.Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approvalJoginder MadraNov. 21st minutes approved 16-0-0 (motion: Craig, second: Dave)
20 min.SOA Model-Based Transformation Service Ballot Material Formal ReviewMatt Lord

Matt provided an overview and status update for the SOA WG's HL7 Cross Paradigm Model Transformation Service project

  • In 2017 an IG was published, but PH-related gaps were identified
  • For-comment ballot in May 2019 – some PH-related comments were submitted then
  • The goal of the project is to build a functional model for transform services (e.g., CDA to FHIR)
  • PH use cases haven't been highest priority thus far
  • The project is going to ballot for the Feb. 2020 cycle – consensus group sign-up is open now!
  • For those interested in further participation, sign up for the SOA WG listserv.
10 min.EHDI and CCHD block 3 votes (Craig)Craig Newman
  • Block 3 approved for both IGs 18-0-0 (motion: Craig, second: Lura)
  • 2 outstanding comments reviewed (same 2 comments for both IGs) and approved 18-0-0 (motion: Craig, second: Lura)
    • CCHD comment 52 / EHDI comment 28 about "{}" in OBX-6 for unit-less measurements – Persuasive w/ Mod: requirement for "{}" will be removed, OBX-6 will be made C(RE/O) depending on OBX-2 data type and bound to the UCUM value set
    • CCHD comment 71 / EHDI comment 77 about double-quotes for null data – Persuasive w/ Mod: IG will explicitly indicate Snapshot Mode, and references to double-quotes will be removed
  • This concludes Ballot Recon for these 2 IGs – recon packages will be posted (which is a pre-req. before these IGs can go to Normative Ballot, which is planned for Feb. 2020)
  • The Normative Ballot packages will be presented for approval at next week's meeting – final content submission deadline for Feb. 2020 ballot cycle is Dec. 22.
20 min.NHCS CDA IG - Block Vote and Comment disscussionDave deRoode / Sarah Gaunt
  • Comments 1 & 32 (duplicates from different commenters) pulled from block vote
  • Block 2 (7 comments) approved 18-0-0 (motion: Sarah, second: Cindy)
  • Discussion about comments 1 & 32 about treatment / usage for Primary Diagnosis vs. Principal Diagnosis templates – some had occurred via e-mail prior to the call, finalized with Lisa on the call
    • Comment resolutions approved 17-0-0 (motion: Sarah, second: Lisa)
  • This concludes ballot resolution for this IG – final approval will be requested next week.

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