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5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approvalCraig
  • November 7th minutes approved as posted
 10 min Planning for Sydney WGMAlean KirknapKirknak
  • Alean proposed discussing the use of ADTs within immunizations registries.  Attendance from the public health work group will be minimal.  It was recommended to discuss the topic during future PH WG calls.
 10 minImmDS FHIR IG ballot recon block voteNathan Bunker
  • Block 2 was distributed through the listserv. 
  • No questions or pulls
  • Motion:  Approve block 2 dispositions Nathan Bunker/Danny Wise 20-0-0
 10 minElectronic Case Reporting Publication Approval Requests  Laura Conn, John Loonsk, Sarah Gaunt
5 min Publication Extension Request for HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide: National Health Care Surveys (NHCS), Release 1, DSTU Release 1.2 – US Realm Sarah Gaunt 
  • STU is expiring December 31, 2019
  • Motion:  to approve the request for extension  Sarah Gaunt/Cindy Bush 18-0-0
 10 minEHDI/CCHD NIB approval  Craig Newman
  • It has been over a year since the EHDI and CCHD were balloted for normative.
  • They have not been updated and published.  The implmentation guides must be re-balloted.
  • Motion:  to approve the Notice of Intent to Ballot CCHD  Lura Daussat/ Laura Rappleye 18-0-0
  • Motion: to approve the Notice of Intent to Ballot EHDI  Lura Daussat/ Laura Rappleye 18-0-0
 5 minBlock vote on the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) v2 IG   Craig Newman
  • Block was distributed through the listserv
  • Item 36 was pulled
  • Motion:  to approve the block dispositions Lura Daussat/ Laura Rappleye 18-0-0
  • Item 36, Occupational Data for Health, discussed pre-adopting v2.9 next of kin ODH
    • Motion:  to approve item 36 disposition Genny Luensman/Lura Daussat  14-0-0