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MethodologyPDDI IG update (Rich Boyce)
  • Decision to make specification stateless at this point. Up to EHR client to decide whether or not a PDDI recommendation back from a CDS service should be displayed to the user.
  • Prototype CDS engine available. Will be tested at the Sep Connectathon.
    • Rules implemented in CQL
  • Specification highlights
    • Uses order-sign and order-select hooks 
    • Card.action includes an array of documentation with links to the knowledge artifact (represented as a PlanDefinition resource or unstructured reference) that triggered the PDDI. EHRs can use the knowledge artifact to determine if the PDDI should be displayed to the clinician. Other alternatives that may be more generalizable should be considered, such as moving this to the structure of the card or creating a link extension to indicate the semantics of the link. 
    • Another approach is to include a DetectedIssue resource in the PlanDefinition. CPG on FHIR is using this approach.

Alerts update - (Robert Dieterle)
  • Request for early ballot - pending TSC approval. ONC asking MITRE to help speed up the spec. 
  • Needed timeline is for developers to start implementing this Fall. 
  • Concerns have been voiced about rushing the spec.

ManagementWGM agenda
  • SOA WG update on C-CDA on FHIR and opioid prescribing guidelines. Scheduled for 15 min on Tue Q3 (Matt Lord).
  • CDS Hooks 1.1 update, connectathon report out, sandbox update, and 1.1 roadmap - Tue Q3
  • Connectathon topics - 2019-09 CDS Hooks Track

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