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Files and wiki pages used to develop the Risk Based Contract Member Identification Use Case




PSS for Risk Based Contract Member Identification (Updated)HL7 Project Scope Statement
FHIR Bulk Data presentation by Dan Gottlieb and Josh MandelReference
FHIR Bulk Data Access Implementation GuideReference
FHIR Bulk Data Access - GitHubReference

FHIR Bulk Data Access Reference Implementation

Bulk Data HL7 WikiReference
Bulk Data: Thoughts on attribution lists and groupsReference
Member Identification File Formats from Payers.xlsxField names and data types for ~35 member identification file strcutures received from payers in Excel, .csv, and .txt formats
Sample Member_Roster_201905.xlsxSample member roster fields
Da Vinci Risk Based Contract Member Identification_090419.pptxPresentation materials for 9/4/19 weekly call