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This project is currently developing functional requirements and a framework to support App Data Exchange between Mobile Health Devices, Apps and other parts of the Health IT Infrastructure (e.g., EHR, PHR, Research).  A draft implementation guide is currently being created that will contain these requirements and FHIR Resource Profiles supporting them.  The source code for this guide is can be accessed via the HL7 Github pages.  Some IG content is being developed in an outline on Confluence Pages, but is transferred to the IG source for publication.
The initial scope of this project was to analyze variation in FHIR data exchanged from mobile health apps and devices for personal health information. Because mobile health apps and devices can convey a wide variety of data including hundreds of different kinds of measurements, this project will first look at a limited scope of data, including vital signs, physical activity, sleep and blood sugar.

These data elements are readily accessible in many mobile health apps and devices. Similar data is often used during treatment of disease affecting cardiovascular, cereberovascular, lower respiratory, and endocryne systems. These diseases are five of the top ten leading causes of death in the US ( and four out of ten in the world ( Thus, they are high priority items to address in this project.

Project Facilitator:  Keith Boone

IG Proposal

New PSS - Mobile Health App Data Exchange

Mobile Health Data App Data Exchange - Initial PSS

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