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2.a.Primary Sponsor/Work Group:
(1 (And Only 1) Allowed)



 Infrastructure and Messaging (InM)


2.b. Co-sponsor Work Group(s)

(Enter co-sponsor approval dates in Section 6.c Project Approval Dates)


Indicate the level of involvement that the co-sponsor will have for this project:

  •   Request formal content review prior to ballot


  •   Request periodic project updates. Specify period: 

<Monthly, at WGMs, etc.>

  •   Other Involvement. Specify details here: 

<other involvement>


Reaffirm HL7 Version 3 Standard: Master File/Registry Infrastructure R1

2.b.   Project Need


The Master File / Registry domain comprises the classes and attributes needed to support Master Files and Registries. It does so by providing a Trigger Event Control Act that can be associated through a subject participation either with an entity (a Role) or with an act.

 This domain focuses on the Master File / Registry specific extensions to the generic Trigger Event Control Act. Refer to the Message Control Act Infrastructure Introduction for general details on Trigger Event Control Acts.

2.c.    Security Risks

Will this project produce executable(s), for example, schemas, transforms, style sheets, executable program, etc.  If so the project must review and document security risks.










4.a.    Ballot Type (check all that apply)


Comment (aka Comment-Only)



Joint Ballot (with other SDOs)





N/A  (project won’t go through ballot)


STU to Normative     - OR -


Normative (no STU)


 Reaffirmation of Normative ANSI Standard

If necessary, add any additional ballot information here.  If artifacts will be jointly balloted with other SDOs, list the other groups.

4.b.   Joint Copyright

Check this box if you will be pursuing a joint copyright.  Note that when this box is checked, a Joint Copyright Letter of Agreement must be submitted to the TSC in order for the PSS to receive TSC approval.

Joint Copyrighted Material will be produced?









  1. Project Logistics

5.a.    External Project Collaboration


For projects that have some of their content already developed:

How much content for this project is already developed?

Indicate % here

Was the content externally developed (Y/N)? 

If Yes, list developers

Is this a hosted (externally funded) project? 
(not asking for amount just if funded)














5.b.   Realm


Universal     - OR -



Realm Specific




Check here if this standard balloted or was previously approved as realm specific standard


Enter “U.S.” or name of HL7 affiliate(s) here.  For projects producing deliverables applicable to multiple realms, document those details here.

For Investigative projects, indicate if the project is planned to be Realm Specific or Universal, if known. Work Groups are encouraged designating project a Universal project initially, and discover which Realms can contribute to the work effort during the discovery phase of the project.  Note: This status is subject to change during the investigative process. 

5.c.    Project Approval Dates

Affiliate Approval Date (for Affiliate Specific Projects):


US Realm Steering Committee Approval Date
(for US Realm Specific Projects):


Sponsoring Work Group Approval Date:

WG Approval Date CCYY2017-MM01-DD03

Co-Sponsor Group Approval Date

(Copy this entire row for each co-sponsor; indicate the specific cosponsor that issued approval)

Co-Sponsor Approval Date CCYY-MM-DDN/A

FHIR Project: FHIR Management Group Approval Date:


Architectural Review Board Approval Date:


Steering Division Approval Date :

SD Approval Date CCYY-MM-DD

Last Work Group Health:







PBS Metrics and Work Group Health Reviewed? (required for SD Approval if not green)





Technical Steering Committee Approval Date:

TSC Approval Date CCYY-MM-DD

TSC has received a Copyright/Distribution Agreement (containing the verbiage outlined within the SOU), signed by both parties.